Application of Hanxin Code Technology in Supply Chain Logistics Management

1. Application of Hanxin code in circulation enterprises

The barcode of the goods is the most basic condition for establishing the entire supply chain. It is the first step to realize warehouse automation and is also used as a means for the POS system to quickly and accurately collect sales data. With Hanxin code, the POS system can realize the unified management of merchandise from the ordering, delivery, internal distribution, sales, inventory and other retail industry cycles, so that the business management model achieves two changes:

1) From traditional relying on experience management to relying on precise digital analysis management;

2) Post-management (settlement, inventory) is changed to 'real-time' management (for each commodity item, such as variety, specification, packaging style, etc.).

In this way, the seller can grasp the sales situation of the goods in the morning and evening at any time, adjust the purchase plan, organize the marketable supply, thereby reducing the losses caused by out-of-stock and slow sales, and can accelerate the capital turnover, which is beneficial to the rationalization of the shelf arrangement and increase the sales.

2. Application of Hanxin Code in Processing Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has a wide range of applications. Here, the automobile manufacturing industry is taken as an example. Car manufacturing is done through a flow line. A car is assembled from thousands of parts. Depending on the model of the car, the variety and quantity of parts required are different. Some need air conditioning, some have trunks, some have mechanical shifting gearboxes, some have hydraulic gearboxes, and so on. In order to be able to produce according to the order, in the advanced industrialized countries, different types of cars are to be assembled on the same production line. In order to avoid mistakes, before the components enter the assembly line, the scanner should be used to identify the Hanxin code of the parts and confirm it. Match the car you want to assemble. After the car is assembled, it is also necessary to identify the Hanxin code on the vehicle. On the one hand, a record of the completion of production; on the other hand, different types of vehicles have to pass different test procedures. The test machine can automatically complete the required test items according to the Hanxin code information of the whole vehicle.

3. Application of Hanxin Code in Logistics Operation

The logistics application of Hanxin code includes ordering, purchasing, storage, picking and delivery of the distribution center.

1) Take the convenience store order book as an example
The chain headquarters regularly sends the order book to each convenience store. The order book contains the product name, the product number, the commodity Han code, the order point, the ordering unit, the order quantity, etc. The staff takes the order book to inspect the goods to confirm the remaining. The number of displays, recorded in the order quantity; or after going to the office, use the Hanxin code scanner to scan the Hanxin code of the predetermined product and input the order quantity, and then use the modulator to transmit the order data.

2) Incoming and acceptance of the distribution center
For the goods purchased in the whole box, the Hanxin code is placed on the package, and it is automatically recognized by the fixed Hanxin code scanner on the conveyor belt, and the command can be transmitted to the vicinity of the storage position.
For the goods purchased in the entire pallet, the forklift driver uses the handheld Hanxin code scanner to scan the Hanxin code label on the outer box, and uses the computer and the RF data communication system to download the storage instructions to the terminal of the forklift.

3) Replenishment work

Replenishment based on Hanxin code ensures the correctness of replenishment operations. Some picking errors are due to the replenishment error in the previous item. After the goods are inspected and accepted, they are moved to the storage area, and timely replenishment is required to replenish the goods to the cargo area; to avoid replenishment errors, the Hanxin code of the commodity Han code and the storage code can be printed on the storage card. After moving in place, the hand-held Hanxin code scanner reads the commodity Hanxin code and the storage code Hanxin code, and the computer checks whether it is correct, thus ensuring the correct replenishment operation.

4) Picking operations

There are two ways to pick the goods: one is the picking picking by the customer; the other is to first sort all the customers' orders for each product, pick them out at once, and then allocate the goods according to the customer, ie Batch picking, secondary sorting, and seeding picking.
For the picking picking operation, after picking up and using the Hanxin code scanner to read the Hanxin code on the picked goods, the correctness of the picking can be confirmed.
For seeding picking operations, an automatic dispenser can be used. When the merchandise moves on the conveyor belt, a fixed Hanxin code scanner is used to identify the merchandise number, indicating the movement route and position.

5) Intersection work at the time of delivery

The delivery work at the time of delivery is usually divided into two forms, one is the number of points before shipment from the distribution center, and the other is to be confirmed by the customer in person or afterwards.
For the multi-point operation before the delivery center is shipped, since the picking has been confirmed by the Hanxin code, it is not necessary to perform this complex operation.
For the customer's face-to-face or after-the-fact confirmation, since the picking has been confirmed by the Hanxin code, the two parties check each other one by one without delivery.

6) Warehousing and distribution operations

In fact, the automatic identification method of goods can also be achieved by using magnetic cards, IC cards and other means. However, in terms of logistics warehousing and distribution operations, since most of the stored goods have Hanxin code, it is the cheapest and most convenient way to use Hanxin code for automatic identification and data collection. After the data on the commodity Hanxin code is read by the Hanxin code reading device, the commodity data can be automatically input correctly, correctly and simply, thereby achieving the purpose of automatic registration, control, transmission and communication. The benefits of storage management include: quick login, saving manpower; improving logistics operation efficiency; reducing management costs; reducing error rate, improving job quality; more precise control of storage location assignment and goods picking; Inventory goods, accurately grasp inventory, control inventory; real-time data collection, real-time display, and rapid processing by computer to achieve the purpose of analysis and implementation control.

It can be seen from the above that Hanxin code technology has become an important part of logistics modernization. At the same time, it also promotes the mechanization and automation of all aspects of the logistics system, and plays a fundamental role in the computer management of all aspects of logistics. Hanxin code plays a direct and efficient role in the modern logistics management, which combines modern management and modern technology. Information flow based on the application of Hanxin code technology will be an important feature of future information technology. Controlling the flow of information controls the logistics. The modernization of information technology will inevitably promote the modernization of logistics technology and management. China's logistics industry should make more efforts in the development and application of Hanxin code. It should learn from foreign advanced experience and accelerate the popularization and application of Hanxin code to promote the development of logistics modernization.


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