Domestic car companies are pursuing listed auto industry or launching another wave of investment

With the approaching of August 30, the overall listing plan prepared by Guangzhou Automobile Group after eight years of preparation is about to be formally implemented. GAC Group will also be blowing the horn of the Chinese auto companies this year.

In fact, just after the GAC Group announced its successful transformation of the privatization of Denway Automotive, several major automobile groups that have not yet had a direct connection with the “stock market” have been preparing for listing. If FAW and BAIC succeed in listing in the future, together with SAIC, Dongfeng, Chang'an, and other large automobile enterprise groups that have been listed on the domestic market before, the top car companies in China's auto industry will almost completely complete their IPOs and improve their financing. platform. Analysts believe that under the strong development of China’s auto industry and optimistic about the future auto market situation, various auto companies will use the listing opportunities to set off a new round of investment development climax.

The three major car companies announced the listing plan

The reporter learned from relevant persons of GAC Group that GAC Group’s overall listing plan is being carried out in an orderly manner. “The H-shares are expected to officially start trading on August 30.”

As early as July 19 of this year, Denway Motors and Guangzhou Automobile Group jointly announced that the privatization of the Guangwei Group, which was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange through the introduction of Denway, has been approved at the court meeting and the Denway Special Shareholders' General Meeting. The listing position of Denway Motors on the Stock Exchange is expected to be withdrawn after the closing of business hours on August 25, 2010.

According to a previous announcement issued by Denway Motors, GAC Group after the privatization of Denway Automotive will become the largest shareholder of Denway Motors. The company will own 2.223 billion H shares and 3.934 billion domestic shares of Denway Automotive, respectively. 36% of the shares, 63% of the shares, GAC Group's share capital will become 6.154 billion yuan, becoming a controlling shareholder, and Denway Automotive will also become a wholly-owned subsidiary of GAC Group.

Judging from the known listing plans and processes, the listing of GAC Group has been successful. The other two companies, FAW and BAIC, have already taken a substantial step.

On July 14, FAW Group's listing route gradually began to become clear as FAW Car and FAW Xiali both released related announcements. According to the announcement, the two listed companies have received relevant letters issued by the controlling shareholder FAW Group. FAW Group intends to restructure the main business and will initiate the establishment of a company limited by shares as the main sponsor. The announcement also stated that as the controlling shareholder of the above two companies, FAW Group intends to invest the shares of FAW Car and FAW Xiali held as part of its main business assets into the newly established company limited by shares.

Analysts pointed out that the above announcements have shown that FAW Group’s plan for listing has taken a substantial step and officially announced publicly that it has accelerated the process of listing.

Beiqi has rumors that BAIC is preparing to establish "Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd." and will be listed as soon as possible in August; the current asset restructuring program has been approved by the SASAC and the restructuring covers a number of important assets of BAIC. Although Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. did not respond positively to this rumors, from the relevant information, the process of BAIC's pursuit of overall listing is accelerating.

As early as May of this year, Beijing Automotive Group officials stated that Beijing Automotive Group will prepare to set up a joint-stock company to prepare for listing related issues. In the future, the joint-stock company will incorporate BAIC's current passenger vehicle business, including Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai, and Beiqi passenger vehicle brands. Beiqi Foton and other commercial vehicle businesses will be excluded.

Automotive industry welcomes development opportunities

Judging from the strategy report for the second half of the institutions released in the near future, China’s stock market environment this year is not satisfactory and is in a relatively depressed state. According to statistics, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 26.82% in the first half of the year, the Shenzhen Component Index fell by 31.48%, and the value of the A-stock market “evaporated” by more than 2.5 trillion yuan, which greatly frustrated investor confidence. In this situation, China's auto companies are seeking listing financing, which has caused many people to worry about it.

In this regard, Guoxin Junan senior automotive industry analyst Zhang Xin said: "Although the current stock market environment is not ideal, but the vigorous development of the automotive industry is still the best opportunity for auto companies listed financing." Zhang Xin believes that China's car is still in the overall The rapid development trend will continue for a certain period of time. With the automobile industry becoming bigger and stronger in the future, automobile companies will usher in a better industrial environment.

"As a result, for auto companies now, it is necessary to further seize the opportunity of this industry development, do a good job of rapid financing, reserve R & D strength and make a difference in the future." Zhang Xin also analyzed that with many car prices group Listing, China's auto industry, especially China's own brand automotive R & D will usher in development opportunities.

In fact, it can be seen from the development of listed automobile companies that China's auto listed companies have achieved steady development through the capital market. After SAIC Motor's overall listing, the sales volume and strength of the company continued to increase, and it became the leading company in China. After the listing of Foton Motor, it has grown from a small manufacturer of four-wheeled agricultural vehicles into a domestic leading commercial vehicle with high- and low-end trucks and buses. Car manufacturers, listed so far, its main revenue increased significantly; and after the listing of Geely Automobile in Hong Kong, corporate strength and product development has achieved faster development, which laid a solid foundation for the acquisition of Volvo today. Some analysts pointed out that since the development of our own brand, we have achieved not only a significant improvement in market share, but also a great deal of product competitiveness and the overall strength of self-owned brands. These have also been further improved with the auto companies. Financing platform related.

Zhang Xin also believes that as a capital-intensive industry, the automotive industry has large investment in fixed assets, a long investment cycle, requires huge amounts of funds for long-term investment support, and listing financing will also play a key role in the company’s own development. At present, China has established four major and four small-scale developments in the automotive industry. This requires companies to continue to grow and grow, and can occupy stable seats in the next four major small groups.

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