"Mechanic" opened the network hall was "black eat black"

"Mechanic" opened the network hall was "black eat black"
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Xiao Mou was born in an ordinary person in Jiangxi. After graduating from technical secondary school, Xiao Mou went to work in Fujian and learned occasionally that a friend offered sexual services to the guests in the clubhouse and bars, and earned a lot of money. The envious Xiao Mou soon found a job as a “technician” in a clubhouse in Suzhou. Then he decided to quickly transform from a "technician" who provides services to his guests to a "boss" who recruits and manages "technicians" to provide services to his guests. He thought of using the Internet to manage business, and the business was booming. He saw peers jealous and suffered "black and black." Xiao's illegal business was also exposed before the police.
Using the Internet to Promote the Business of the "Hall" Prosperously
After several rounds of planning, Xiaomou hired a website called "Suzhou Home Overseas Business Club" on the Internet. On this site, Xiao Mou brazenly declared that the club dedicated to providing male massage, oil service, and released a continuous recruitment of male "technician" ads. After the website was built, Xiaomou rented a house as a place of office and “a museum hall site” in a bustling area of ​​Suzhou City. In this way, a “guild hall” that relies on the Internet to organize male prostitution has finally been established.
After searching and comparing on the Internet, Xiao Mou finds two male gay websites that have sufficient and stable traffic. After a few twists and turns, he spends high prices on these two websites to start advertising and put his own “guild hall” website. Linked to above. Not long afterwards, the applicants were in a continuous stream. In just a few months, more than 100 people came to apply for an interview. Then, he continued to receive calls from customers seeking services from Shanghai to Suzhou and Zhangjiagang, across the Yangtze River Delta. .
Because of the booming business, Xiaomou also specially hired a helper to help manage the business of the “guild hall”. Because Xiaomou himself once had experience in the industry, all kinds of rules and regulations in this industry are clear. In the “guild hall”, Xiao Mou has a complete set of “systems” for the management of “technicians” and the division of “technicians”. The entire “guild hall” operates strictly in accordance with the “system” and the flow of passengers is constantly increasing. Business is doing a good job, Xiaomou is also intoxicated in their own dreams.
Under the influence of "peers" and "black and black"
As the business of the “Suzhou All Homes Foreign Business Club” boomed day by day, it gradually became a big move that provoked the "industry" and other "library halls" to resent. Many people are rushing in secretly, wondering how to defeat the sharpness of Xiaomou and snatch some "prey" from him. Because Xiaomou is engaged in crimes that he does not dare to take on the table, naked crimes such as blackmail and even robbery are directed at them.
After Xiaomou was robbed of the door by the man for the first time, she did not dare to call the police. Instead, she changed her address to avoid things. After a few toss, business is worse than before. What is even more frightening is that those who want to "black eat" can always find Xiaomou or Xiaomou's "technician" in various ways.
One day in November 2008, Xiao Mou received a guest's “promotion” call and immediately arranged a “technician” in the hall to provide service to a hotel. Not wanting this, the "technician" just entered the room and suddenly he flashed a few Han-shaped males, sealed their mouths with cloth strips, tied their limbs with ropes, and took away all their possessions. It turned out to be a carefully planned robbery. However, this time, the "technician" did not learn Xiaomou's silence and avoidance, but resolutely chose the police.
The police quickly launched an investigation into the robbery. When the police arrived at the "Suzhou International Home Business Club", they were shocked by the sight. There were more than a dozen young men living in a room. One by one weird clothes and abnormal movements. The sight in front of the police caused the police to be vigilant and skeptical. They immediately decided to summon these people to the police station for investigation. Soon, they said the dirty things that "Suzhou Home Foreign Business Club" is engaged in.
The principal criminal Xiao was sentenced to 7 years
At this point, the case of men's prostitution organized by using the Internet as a backing to massage and push oil has finally surfaced. Xiao Mou and others were also quickly controlled by the police for further investigation. Police investigation found that from July 2008 to the incident, Xiao used the website to organize some men to engage in same-sex prostitution. Among the prostitutes, Xiao Mou was the organizer, Liu was the assistant of Xiao Mou, and the other were the male prostitutes recruited by Xiao Mou. Their "consumers" are all gay men. Male prostitutes are not homosexuals. They are all for the sake of earning money and have sex with their same sex. A well-skilled “technician” earns more than 20,000 yuan a month. The police conducted education and security punishments for these prostitution men.
In May 2009, the Pingjiang District Court organized the crime of organizing prostitution and sentenced Xiao Xiao to 7 years’ imprisonment and imposed a fine of RMB 30,000. A year later, the Pingjiang District Court found that Xiaomou published information on the Internet, arranged for personnel to engage in same-sex prostitution activities, and profited from it. Gongmou et al. According to the instructions to go out of prostitution, and will receive 30% of the money to pay, pay 300 yuan monthly management fees, the owner Xiaomou provides accommodation. In addition, Liu's "work" also includes the release of photos of the same-sex prostitution men, job numbers and other information on the Internet, and their acts have been constituted to help organize the crime of prostitution.
Recently, the court sentenced Liu to 2 years and 9 months in prison and fined him 10,000 yuan. This attention-grabbing case of same-sex prostitution has all been concluded.
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