Radial Tires for Cross-Country, Safe and Reliable SUV Tire

Model NO.: 31x10.5R15LT
Design: Radial
Load Index: 109
Speed: Q
Standard Rim: 8.5
Pressure: 450
Tread Depth: 16
Section Width: 350
Overall Diameter: 1030
Utqg: 340/a/B
Trademark: kebek
Transport Package: Plastic Paper
Specification: 175/65R14
Origin: China
HS Code: 4011100
Radial Tires for Cross-Country, Safe and Reliable SUV Tire
1) Machinery for manufacturing tire: Major machinery are from Germany and Italy
2) Rubber: From Malysia, and other Green material from Europe
3) Technology Team: 15 Engineers from Hankook car tire factory prevously
4) Rules and management: Strictly rules and management to gurantee the best product in each procedure
5) Workers: More than 10 years working expereice in the same process to get smooth and handle all things in the right time


Minimum order: One 40HQ conatiner with mixed sizes.

Delivery time: Based on the orders, normally 25 days after receiving the deposit.

Payment term: 30% TT deposit and within 7 days balacne against the B/L copy or L/C at sight.

Warranty: 50000KM


1. Comfort:

Diverse blocks distribution upgrades softness while ensures tread strength, enhances shock absorption and increases driving comfort.

2. Silence:

Densely distributed small blocks efficiently offset noises made by air emission in the grooves. Simulated diverse and irregular pitch order decreases vibration noise.

3. Stability:

Special bead design ensures closer contract between inflated tire and the rim, avoids flying up of tire toe, and enhances safety.

4. Slip Resistance

Optimal 4 channel-grooves maximize slip resistance; Ensure quickly drainage on wet roads, promises safe drive on rainy days. Tread compound containing silicon upgrades wet performance and ensures safety drive on wet pavement.

5. Handling

Center rib upgrades maneuverability and braking performance, increases grip force and operating stability wider rubber-road contract area improves sticking force on wet and dry pavements. Enhanced blocks upgrade steering and braking, provides better maneuverability.
SIZE Load Index Speed Rating Pattern
155/70R12 73 T YH11
155/65R13 73 T YH11
165/65R13 77 T YH11
155/70R13 75 T YH11
165/70R13 79 T YH11
165/70R13/XL 83 T YH11
175/70R13 82 T YH11
185/70R13 86 T YH11
155/80R13 79 T YH11
165/80R13 83 T YH11
165/60R14 75 H YH11
175/65R14 82 T YH11
175/65R14/XL 86 T YH11
165/70R14 81 T YH11
165/70R14/XL 85 T YH11
175/70R14 84 T YH11
175/70R14/XL 88 T YH11
185/70R14 88 H YH11
195/70R14 91 T YH11
205/70R14/XL 98 T YH11
205/70R15 96 T YH11
215/60R16 95 V YH11
225/60R16 98 V YH11
185/50R14 77 V YH12
185/55R14 80 H/V YH12
185/60R14 82 H YH12
195/60R14 86 H YH12
165/65R14 79 T YH12
175/65R14 82 T YH12
175/65R14/XL 86 T YH12
185/65R14 86 H YH12
195/65R14 89 H YH12
195/45R15 78 V/W YH12
195/50R15 82 V YH12
205/50R15 86 V YH12
205/50R15XL 89 V YH12
175/55R15 77 T YH12
185/55R15 82 V YH12
195/55R15 85 V YH12
185/60R15 84 H YH12
185/60R15 XL 88 H YH12
195/60R15 88 V YH12
205/60R15 91 V YH12
205/60R15XL 95 H YH12
215/60R15 XL 98 V YH12
225/60R15 96 V YH12
175/65R15 84 H YH12
175/65R15XL 88 H YH12
185/65R15 88 H YH12
185/65R15/XL 92 H YH12
195/65R15 91 H YH12
195/65R15 91 V YH12
195/65R15/XL 95 T YH12
205/65R15 94 V YH12
215/65R15 96 V YH12
215/70R15 98 H YH12
195/45R16 80 V YH12
195/45R16XL 84 V/W YH12
205/45R16 XL 87 V YH12
195/55R16 87 V YH12
195/55R16XL 91 V YH12
205/55R16 91 V YH12
205/55R16XL 94 V YH12
195/60R16 89 V YH12
205/60R16 92 V YH12
205/60R16XL 96 V YH12
215/60R16 95 V YH12
225/60R16 98 V YH12
235/60R16 100 V YH12
215/65R16 98 H YH12
215/55R17 94 V  YH12
215/55R17 XL 98 V  YH12
235/55R17 98/99 H YH12
225/60R17 98/99 T YH12
225/65R17 102 H YH12

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