IoT insecticidal lamp: IoT + green plant protection new product

Compared with the application of the Internet of Things in industry, the application of the Internet of Things in agriculture is relatively low-key, but as the Internet of Things technology matures and the hardware quality continues to improve, in recent years, the application of the Internet of Things in the agricultural field has developed Faster and faster, and has spawned many IoT + products, such as IoT insecticidal lamps, etc. This insecticidal lamp is a fusion product of IoT and traditional agriculture. Can check the working status of insecticidal lamps and other information, remote control of insecticidal lamps, etc., which not only makes management easier, but also effectively improves the insecticidal effect and reduces the harm of pests.

IoT insecticidal lamp

In modern agricultural production, one of the important goals is to promote green development. Therefore, the use of green and environmentally friendly insecticidal lamps to replace harmful pesticides and insecticides is the industry's development trend. And we know that the significant advantage of the Internet of Things technology is that it is more technical for the collection and acquisition of information and supports remote control. Therefore, integrating the Internet of Things technology into insecticidal lamp products not only makes it easier to manage insecticidal lamp equipment, but also helps Carry out remote control in time to optimize the insecticidal effect, and further enhance the green prevention and control functions of insecticidal lamps and other green prevention and control equipment in agricultural production.

At present, with the continuous improvement of green development requirements in the agricultural field, in order to achieve production goals such as green production, drug reduction and efficiency increase, all types of new green plant protection products will also be invested in the field of plant protection, and the Internet of Things will kill insects. The application of new technology products such as lamps has played an important role in promoting the development of agriculture, reducing the use of pesticides, improving the resistance of soil ecosystems, and improving the quality of agricultural products. The development of the "strong agriculture" cause modern agriculture to burst into more vigorous vitality and vitality.

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