Jiujiang Petrochemical Hydrogenation Unit Awarded Excellent Project

Recently, at the commendation meeting of the province's outstanding industrial engineering renovation project held by the Jiangxi Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Jiujiang Petrochemical's 1 million-ton/year coking unit and the 1.2 million-ton/year hydrotreating unit were rated as outstanding projects in Jiangxi Province.
Jiujiang Petrochemical Coking and Hydrogenation Plant is an environmentally friendly and profitable project with a focus on the construction of Sinopec, with a total investment of over 500 million yuan. The coking unit consists of 38,500 cubic meters of earth and stone, 4,500 cubic meters of concrete, and 1,899 tons of steel structures; 4,100 cubic meters of earth and stone for hydroprocessing units, 2,400 cubic meters of concrete, and 700 tons of steel structures. The device was built and put into operation only in more than one year. It was successfully put into production on March 22 this year.
The successful commissioning of five sets of equipment such as coking and hydrogenation has further rationalized the structure of Jiujiang Petrochemical's equipment and formed a new profit growth point, which has a positive impact on improving profitability and promoting environmental friendliness.