Shenyang Auto Parts Center Market

The Shenyang Auto Parts Center Market is a large auto parts professional market that was contracted by Shenyang Branch of Industry and Commerce Bureau and Shenyang Baihong Industrial Co., Ltd. and put into use on March 18, 1995. Located in the business and financial center of Taiyuan Street in Shenyang, it has the business area of ​​No. 213, Nanjing North Street, Heping District, which is called the Golden Triangle. The Shangda 2nd Ring Expressway is just over 10 minutes away and it is only 800 meters away from Shenyang Railway Station and the traffic is convenient. The post office, the spill shop, and the movie theater are surrounded by the surrounding area. It is the most valuable prime location in Shenyang. The market is composed of a three-storey expo exhibition hall and a basement. The total area is 56518 square meters. Shops are gathered in the venue and are bright and spacious. The two freight elevators make it convenient for people to flow and logistics. At the same time, it assisted with two high-grade office buildings to meet the requirements of merchants' operation, office, residence, and pursuit of appreciation.

On the first floor of the hall, there are more than 200 industrial households operating imported and domestic auto parts and auto maintenance equipment. The auto parts market has annual sales of more than 300 million yuan and solved the employment problem of 1300 people. The business on the first floor is booming and the stalls are full. On the second and third floors, there are still some stalls waiting for people of insight. Those who want to make big money come to invest and operate. Shenyang Baihong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise. Chairman Chen Hong is a private entrepreneur. The entry policy he formulated reflects the eternal red complex of this private big market—arranging laid-off workers to solve problems for the people and worrying about the national economy. Dedication. The company has issued a series of preferential policies:

1. All domestic and foreign auto parts industry, maintenance testing equipment, auto boutiques, auto parts manufacturers free of 3-6 months of housing fees; advertising media standards halved; reduced the Municipal Price Bureau documents stipulated management fees, water fees , electricity bills, telephone bills, heating fees are collected and paid for.

2. Trade and industry, taxation, traffic on-site office, free supply and demand information.

3. The entering trade households handle imported, domestic auto parts and auto raw materials, and carry out wholesale and retail business.

4. The market stalls can be freely divided according to the needs of the business households, rented and sold.

5. The manufacturer can set up an office in the market to carry out general distribution, general agency, special management and other projects.

6. The market can provide stalls for joint sales and agency services.

Under the leadership of Chairman Chen Hong, all members of Shenyang Tianli Property Management Co., Ltd. are in line with the business philosophy of "business owners are friends and serve for the purpose", with first-class professional knowledge, practical professionalism, and in short Within the time frame, the market quickly established an auto parts distribution center with complete varieties, low prices, excellent quality, fast service, excellent information and efficiency, and integrated wholesale and retail sales. The distribution of auto parts has also been closed by the past. Towards the development of multi-species scale management, we have truly fulfilled our promise of “going in tens of thousands, not as good as entering a family”. The market was selected as the governing unit of the Shenyang Production Information and Production Factories Market Association, and was repeatedly rated as a civilized market in Liaoning Province and a standardized market in Shenyang City .

The auto parts center market in Shenyang, like Guandong, shines brightly in the bright pearls of the car. Welcome friends from all walks of life to invest and operate.