Zhongnan Tongchuang woodworking equipment drying rate of 96%

After many years of exploration and practice, Beijing Zhongnan Tongchuang Drying Technology Development Co., Ltd. has made the wood drying equipment more stable in performance, lower in use cost and easier in operation. The qualified rate of wood drying has reached over 96%.
Zhongnan Tongchuang Drying Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company with relatively complete varieties of domestic wood drying equipment. They have accumulated more than ten years of experience, combined with the characteristics of domestic and international timber and the needs of different manufacturers of wood products, the introduction of Italian technology, the use of European product standards, design and production of high-quality drying equipment, which determined the same industry in the country Leading position. The company also has the design and manufacturing capabilities for the combined drying of large-scale and large-scale multi-devices, and provides related supporting equipment and technical advice.
The company's drying equipment is fast drying, no matter the longest drying cycle of any wood does not exceed 100 hours, at the same time it does not need steam boilers, piping and civil and other supporting facilities, and also does not need to invest in other consumable materials such as partitions and pallets, mobility Strong, can move at any time according to the user's request. The equipment products also use energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat sources that meet the needs of the general public.