Alpine to lead the development of automotive audio industry

Recently, Mr. Shihei Zhengsan, President of Alpine Electronics Inc., Japan, and Mr. Kurahada, General Manager of Alpine Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., flew to Dalian for the Japanese company Alpha Co., Ltd. in mainland China. The production plant and sales outlets conducted a three-day work visit.

Japan Alpine Co., Ltd. is a multinational company specializing in the research and development of car audio and automotive multimedia products in the world. Its products have been awarded the high quality honorary title of car audio products by the United States JD.POWER organization for many times, and have obtained customers in North America for 7 consecutive years. Satisfaction is the No. 1 honor.

Alpine Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established by Alpha Corporation of Japan in 1994 in Beijing, China. It is principally engaged in the production of automotive audio products, related parts and components, automotive communications products, etc. The investment in automotive electronics within the company; sales and after-sales service for products produced by the invested company. President Shih-Ii was accompanied by Mr. Kurahada, General Manager of Alpine Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., who made a special trip to Dalian's Alpine factory and R&D center to inspect the work, and negotiated cooperation with German BMW Motor Corporation.

During his stay in Dalian, President Shihei also paid a special visit to Dalian Foster Automotive Services Co., Ltd., an Dalian-based family-owned store. He also received advice on topics related to car audio and other car enthusiasts. An exclusive interview with the "Modern Times" car section of TV 2. President Shih-Ii said in an interview that with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, related products such as automobiles and car audio have great potential for market development. Alpha will seize this opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the Dalian software industry, further expand brand influence and market share in China, and lead the development trend of the car audio industry with the technological advantages of Alpine products and high quality product quality and services. !