Full vehicle parts prices will drop

Last week, Hainan Mazda announced that the prices of more than 200 parts and components of the Premar and Fumei models have been reduced. The average reduction rate is about 18%, with the highest reduction exceeding 50%. The action of the seahorse is considered to be the signal of a large-scale price war for accessories.

Manufacturer: Accessories price war upgrade

In the past, many consumers considered the pre-purchase cost as an important issue, ignoring the cost of buying a car. With the popularity of the car, private car consumers are becoming more and more mature. After-sales service and fuel consumption for car maintenance, accessories, etc. The attention to equal cost is getting higher and higher.

Since the beginning of this year, many auto manufacturers have begun to realize that reducing the price of accessories is better than simply lowering the price of the entire vehicle. It is precisely for this reason that Nanjing Fiat announced the reduction of its component prices at the beginning of the year. It also announced high-profile prices of its 50 consumables to show its price advantage. German Volkswagen has also set up a new parts base in Changchun, claiming to provide cheaper parts for new models to be produced. Not long ago, Southeast Automotive made price adjustments for accessories such as LSG and Fulica, of which more than 200 kinds of commonly used spare parts decreased by an average of 50%.

Mr. Wang of the southeast Optimus said that the southeastern company's downward adjustment of the price of accessories has brought great benefits to itself. Previously, everyone said that there was a huge profits from the new car, but the profits from the vehicle were direct and easy to attract attention. The professionalism of accessories is even stronger, and it is more likely to result in passive consumption that consumers have to bear. Mr. Wang hopes that the price of such parts and components will be reduced more, eventually ending the huge profits era of the entire accessories market.

Market: Parts prices will drop

Many owners said that the price of parts and components should be lowered. Since the price of a complete vehicle is considered, parts and components must account for about 70% of the total vehicle price. A significant proportion of the price reduction of the entire vehicle is achieved through the price adjustment of parts and components, so while the price of the entire vehicle is diving, Parts should also have the same price reduction space.

Analysis of the industry believes that the downward adjustment of parts prices is the trend. Lowering the price of accessories, saying that it is good to pay back owners and reduce user fees, in fact, this is only the manufacturers to actively respond to changes in the market made adjustments.