Bismuth intermetallic compound

Antimony many periodic table group metal intermetallic compound is easily formed, referred antimonide.

The tellurides of the Group I metals are: Li 3 Sb, Na 3 Sb, K 3 Sb, KSb, Cu 3 Sb, Cu 2 Sb and Ag 3 Sb; the tellurides of the Group II metals are: Mg 3 Sb 2 , Ca 3 Sb 2 , ZnSb, CdSb and Ca 3 Sb; the tellurides of the Group III metals are: BSb, AlSb, GaSb and InSb; the tellurides of Group VI are: Sb 2 S 3 , Sb 2 Se 3 and Sb 2 Te 3 ; Group VIII tellurides are: FeSb 2 , Ni 2 Sb 3 and NiSb. These intermetallic compounds are mostly semiconducting in nature, and the most important in this field are germanium formed with metals of Groups III and VI.

At present, there are reports of as many as 18 semiconductor compounds, and more studied are AlSb, GaSb and InSb. These intermetallic compounds are of a mixed bond type.

AlSb is the only stable compound in the Al-Sb binary system with a band gap value of up to 1.6 eV and a melting point of 1050 °C. The electron mobility of AlSb is 900 cm 2 ∕ (V·s), and the hole mobility is 400 cm V (V·s).

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