Special filtration equipment for gold beneficiation - Φ1m gold mud washing tank

The Φ1m gold mud washing tank (acid washing tank) produced by Liaozhong is used in the gold selection process to clean the gold mud.
The gold mud displaced from the replacement machine also contains some impurities that must be removed before smelting. Under the agitation of the impeller, the impurities in the gold mud react with hydrochloric acid, the product is dissolved in the solution, and the impurities are removed by a filtering device to obtain a refined gold powder.
The main technical parameters of the Φ1m gold mud washing tank are listed in Table 1. The structure and external dimensions are shown in the following figure.
The technical performance of the gold mud pickling tank produced by Xinhai Mining Machinery is listed in Table 2.
    Table 1   Table 2      Figure

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