Hangzhou Auto Parts City

Hangzhou Auto Parts City is Hangzhou's first professional auto parts market. Founded on October 18, 1991, its predecessor was the Hangzhou Auto Parts Market, and it was renamed Zhejiang Auto Parts City in the following year. "Management and efficiency" is the principle, based on the professional market of auto parts

Since the establishment of the mall, it has firmly established its brand awareness and constantly strives for excellence. After eight years of hard work, Zhejiang Auto Parts City has been ranked among the top 20 key cities in Zhejiang province. It was recommended to join the first batch of members of the China Automobile Industry Association. Zhejiang is special and implements the characteristic service of "three firsts and three posteriors." Zhu Baobao, chairman of Jiangbao Auto Parts Group and general manager of Zhejiang Auto Parts City, also served as vice chairman of the National Auto Parts Market Federation.

Zhejiang Auto Parts City always adheres to the principle of “exploration, service, management, and efficiency”, and based on the special characteristics of the auto parts professional market, it implements the characteristic services of “three lines and three lines”. This is: "The first bird after nesting, management after the first service; first full river rose after the big river." Complete modern management facilities, comprehensive and complete services, and preferential charging standards have enabled the mall to continuously expand its scale and improve its grade, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. In the first three years of its founding, it showed the development trend of “three-step long jump”: in 1992, it had 98 business households with a turnover of RMB 0 million; in 993, it had 236 business households with a turnover of RMB 35.8 billion; In 1984, there were 336 business households with a turnover of 700 million yuan. In 1996, there were 500 business households with a turnover of 10 billion yuan. The mall has also been rated as the National Civilization Market, the Spiritual Civilization Unit of Zhejiang Province, and the Hangzhou Spiritual Civilization and Comprehensive Management Demonstration Unit.

With the acceleration of the speed of the eastward movement of Hangzhou, the Kunshan Gate where the original site of Zhejiang Auto Parts City was located changed from the former traffic arteries to the current Hangzhou “traffic blocking place”, relying on the eastward movement of Hangzhou cities and the overall planning of the municipal government. Zhejiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. sincerely prepared for the relocation in early 1999 in order to realize the second venture in a real sense.

The new Zhejiang Auto Parts City is located at 305-309 Xintang North Road, East Gate of Hangzhou, close to Hangzhou East Railway Station and East Bus Station, east to the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway into the city, and north to Hangzhou International Airport. The location of the new city is also located in the trading area of ​​Hangzhou's production materials market planned by the Hangzhou Municipal Government. It is a commercial and business district in Hangzhou.

The new mall plans to cover an area of ​​more than 100 acres, with a total construction area of ​​80,000 square meters. There are more than 1,100 operating booths within the development target, and there are complete vehicle sales areas and auto repair areas. The new shopping mall has a complete range of modern management and living facilities, and it also has three sets of monitoring systems (video surveillance, fire monitoring and audio control systems). The mall has a green area of ​​6,000 square meters, surrounded by 20 meters wide regional roads, and the internal roads are open. The first auto parts main building with a construction area of ​​30,000 square meters has been put into use and was officially opened for business on December 16, 1999. The second phase of the project is under preparation.

Zhejiang Hangzhou Auto Parts City will, as always, warmly welcome domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and auto parts operators to join Zhejiang Auto Parts City to create a brilliant future for the development of Zhejiang Auto Parts City.