Interpretation of Several Investment Operation Modes in Domestic Automotive Logistics Market

Self-investment, self-construction, self-management, self-operation mode. Represented by Guangzhou AEC Motor City, this type of investment operation mode has a strong ability to intervene in capital and a strong market. Coupled with the owner's familiarity with the operation of the auto market, the country has more outlets and a group of talents who are familiar with car sales. With support, the built market has a full range of functions, quick start of market opening, shorter construction period, lower operating costs, faster investment returns, and higher grades.

The mode of operation of self-investment, self-construction, self-management, and other operations. That is to say, the market owner invests and builds according to the government's plan, and manages the market's operations in a unified manner. It relies on the rent of the venue, and receives the car dealer's booth fee and property management fee to gradually obtain investment returns. Shanghai Chunshen Automobile Auto Parts Trade City is represented. This mode of operation of real estate starts quickly, the market environment and supporting management are better, the initial cost of automobile dealers is relatively cheap, and the start-up of the market is faster, but the market owners are stronger, the operating costs are higher, and the investment returns are slower. The risk is relatively large.

The mode of operation of joint investment, joint construction, joint management and joint ventures. Taking Shanghai United Motor City as the representative, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, the material company and the government of Longtan Town, where the market is located, are jointly established. After several restructurings and expansion of shares, a mixed-ownership enterprise under the leadership of the board of directors was formed, and a joint mechanism of “diversification of investment subjects, diversification of transaction subjects, and standardization of market operations” was created. This model enjoys many policy benefits. However, with the continuous improvement of the market economy system, the original advantages may be lost.

The real estate development started and the dealers entered the operating mode of the city. Taking the Shenyang Automobile Expo Trading Center and the Zhanjiang Motor City in Guangdong as representatives, the automobile market was launched through real estate development. Attracting car dealers to purchase homes, or renting venues for business, the market provides quality services to dealers and consumers. The development of such investment operation mode started faster, but the formation of investment promotion was slower, investment return was faster, and the risk was relatively small.