Installation Instructions for Guide-type Elevator

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Today,we will introduce to the installation instructions for the Cargo Lifts.

Guide Rail Cargo Lifts

1, The first in strict accordance with the manufacturers issued by the pit construction plans, the equipment needs to do the

bottom pit map. Bottom pit production in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings, try to avoid errors.

2, The end of the pit is completed, the equipment will be placed in the bottom of the pit in the middle of the position.

Cargo Lifts

3.Will be bolted to the rail column, the cylinder base removed, placed on both sides of the table on the lower side of the wheel

cargo lift

4.Will be four rails, according to the label two two rails spliced, with bolts.

8 m cargo Lift

5.With the chain hoist to lift the rail, the guide rail groove along the table on the guide wheel into the bottom of the pit, the rail

wheel into the bottom pit and cylinder base connected; the cylinder and the base connection, chain and insurance rope and

table links, After the two sides of the rails stand up, adjust the position, the guide base and embedded parts(welding or

expansion bolts) to do a simple reinforcement;

5m cargo lift

6.Guide and table adjustment is good, the cylinder connected to the pump station;

cargo lift pump station

7.Connect the power supply, turn on the power, equipment test run, if the problem can be adjusted, no abnormal situation before

the strength of reinforcement

cargo lift details

8.The rail ring beam and other need to fix the location of the reinforcement;

9.Rail fixed to complete, no-load operation, such as no abnormal load carrying operation;

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Hydraulic articulating boom lift is also called as trailer mounted Boom Lift . It is a kind of Folding Arm Lift which is moved by trailer. Its trailer-style design is easy to transport to meet with long-distance and small space aerial work`s requirement. By using electro-hydraulic outriggers and electric control system, can quickly set up and the operation is simple and safe. The platform can be raised in vertical and swing in horizontal, easy to cross the obstacles to reach the working position, widely extending the working area, which is an ideal aerial work equipment. So this Mobile Articulating Boom Lift is widely used in highways, boat yards shopping walls, stadiums, dock, station, marketplaces, gymnasiums and residential property, workshop, residential property, mining workshops and any other isometric maintenance operation of complex high-altitude construction  and other large range homework place.


The main feature of this Articulating Boom Lift as follows:

1. Platform: Its platform can lift up ,extend horizontally, or turn around 360 degrees to stride across certain obstacles for work . so it can realize multipoint work in wide scope.

2. Support Legs: With 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers to steady the whole machine at any kind of ground conditions. When the road is uneven, four full-automatic legs or single leg can support the machine.

3.Drive: It can be diesel or storage battery according to customer's requirements.

4.Raw Material: Adopt structural steel with high quality, handicraft for single-side welding and double-side molding.

5.Hydraulic cylinder: Original import or domestic joint venture hydraulic cylinder, with high quality,  improving the reliability and prolonging  the work time.

 6. Aloft work platform: Equipped with balanced valve, automatic pressure maintaining ,etc.

7. Advantages: The trailer boom lift is safe, reliable and durable. This type of cargo-lifts with characteristics of flexible moving, smoothly lifting, big convenient operation and so on.

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulated Boom Lift,Telescopic Boom Lift,Folding Arm Lift,Mobile Articulating Boom Lift

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