Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine

Weight: 3.5-4.5 Ton
Certification: Ce, ISO9001
Trademark: semai
Transport Package: Wooden Pallet, Water-Proof Film, Wooden Case
Specification: 1/2", 1", 2"
Origin: China
HS Code: 8463300000
Smooth operation, low noise and high efficiency

Technical Specification
Model Mesh 

Shaft Speed
 LNWL mm mm mm   r/min KW m/h
LNWL23-60-2 60×80 2300 1.6-3.0 3 25  11  165
LNWL23-80-2 80×100  2300 1.6-3.0  3 25  11 195
LNWL23-100-2 100×120 2300 1.6-3.5  3 25  11 225
LNWL23-1200-2 120×150  2300 1.6-3.2  3 20  11 255
LNWL33-60-2 60×80 3300 1.6-2.8  3 25 15 165
LNWL33-80-2 80×100  3300 1.6-3.0  3 25  15 195
LNWL33-100-2 100×120  3300 1.6-3.2  3 25  15 225
LNWL33-120-2 120×150  3300 1.6-3.5  3 20  15 255
LNWL43-60-2 60×80 4300 1.6-2.8  3 25 22 165
LNWL43-80-2 80×100  4300 1.6-3.0  3 25  22 195
LNWL43-100-2 100×120  4300 1.6-3.0  3 25  22 225
LNWL43-120-2 120×150  4300 1.6-3.2  3 25  22 255
LNWL43-60-3 60×80 4300 1.6-2.8 5 25 22 165
LNWL43-80-3 80×100  4300 1.6-3.0  5 25  22 195
LNWL43-100-3 100×120  4300 1.6-3.0  5 25  22 225
LNWL43-120-3 120×150  4300 1.6-3.2  5 20  22 255
1) Adopt the principle of clockwise and counterclockwise twisting; no need to make 
iron wire 
   spring form to increase productivity.
2) Application: extensively used for chicken cages or fences of farmland and grazing 
land, reinforced ribs o building wall and other nets for separation.

3) A vital part is spool winding machine.

Raw material can be low-carbon steel plate, stainless steal plate, aluminum plate, copper 
plate, etc.

The whole production line of straight reverse hexagonal wire mesh machine

Chicken wire netting machine including main weaving machine , spool winding machine , Spring Winding Machine and others necessary accessories
Main weaving machine
Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine
spool winding machine
Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine
Spring Winding Machine
Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine
Advantage of our machine
1.high speed;

2.high productivity;
3.low noise;
4.low cost.

Company Name Hebei Shengmai Construction Material Technology Co.,Ltd
Address Chengyouzi Developing Zone Of Anping County, Hebei Province
Contact information Phone:0086-18032888725; FEL:0086-311-89807595
Established 2006
Area 8000m
Business Type Factory/Manufacturer/Exporter
Total Number of Employees 120
Main products Chain link fence machine , razor wire making machine , welded wire mesh , barbed wire making machine and all type wire mesh making machine
Main market Romania, Algeria, Tunis, India, Russia, Columbia
Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine
Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine
Reversed Twisted Chicken Wire Mesh Machine

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory. We are warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperate with us
Q: Do you do OEM?
Q: I know nothing about the import, can you help me?
A: This will not be a problem. If you do not know how to import,  our cooperated freight forwarder will help you to import. You only have to pay a small money to them and they will take careof everything. It is very easy and simple.
Q: What should i do if we feel hard to use the machine?
A: If you need ,at any time, we can send our engineers to your factory for training, debugging machine and maintenance.
Operating Instruction&Maintenance Manual attached with the machine.we will send you the solution by email or phone within 24 hours,When we receive your service repuest.
We can send you video for learning
Q:If the parts was broken, how about the solution?
A: 1)Non-artificial damage parts, within warranty period, can be provided free of charge
    2)Custom-made parts with detailed drawing can be provided

Contact us
Any inquiry of Fiberglass mesh machine, pls feel free and contact us at any time
Office Telephone +86 311 89807595
Mobile Phone +86 18031813688

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Laser Diode
Laser Optics

405-1550 nm, output power up to 250 W.

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Fiber Beam Combiner

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Beam Combiner
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Laser safety is the key important thing during laser operation. CNI can offer laser safety protective housing that protect from laser damage.
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