Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer Type

  • Model NO.: 3hp/ 50hp
  • Cooling System: Air Cooling
  • Cylinder Position: Angular
  • Compress Level: Single-Stage
  • HP: 3HP-50HP
  • Drive Mode: Electric
  • Configuration: Stationary
  • Piston Type: Semi-Closed
  • Trademark: Brilliant
  • Specification: CCC /SGS
  • HS Code: 8414301990
  • Lubrication Style: Lubricated
  • Cylinder Arrangement: Balanced Opposed Arrangement
  • Structure Type: Semi-Closed Type
  • Refrigerant Type: Freon
  • Type: Piston
  • Power Source: AC Power
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Mute: Mute
  • Transport Package: Carton/Pallte
  • Origin: Zhejiang. China

                Produ information
1. Basic information :
                       Basic information
Feature 1.High efficiency ,
2.high cooling capacity
3.Low noise
Guarantee period 2 years.
Certificate CCC/SGS/TUV/ISO9001
Package Wooden box/pallet
Color Green .can print according to your requirement
                      Factory information
We are specialized in Semi-hermetic compressor ,HVAC pipe valve,like ammonia valve ,Bitzer/carrier/Copeland compressor service valve since 1992 .Passed CE,SGS,TUV,ISO9001 certificate . Product exports Italy ,USA,Singapore and other countries.
2. Application :
Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor .which is used in some cold room ,like vegetable /fruit /meat/sea food cold room
 The horse power is start from 5hpto 50hp .

And the cooling capacity is different because of different horse power . The high point of our compressor is high cooling capacity
with short time .low noise . And good after sales service .I believe it is your best choice .

3. Compressor model list :
      Model         Model        Model        Model  
  YBF4VCS-6.2ZR   YBF4G-20.2ZR
  YBF4DC-5.2ZR YBF4PCS-10.2ZR YBF4G-30.2GR
YBF4EC-6.2GR YBF4TCS-12.2GR   YBF6G-30.2ZR
  YBF4CC-9.2GR  YBF4NCS-20.2GR YBF6H-35.2GR
Name model: YBF4VCS-6.2ZR
Refrigeration compressor
4- Said compressor cylinder number
F- Said compressor bore X stroke
C- Indicates the Brilliant compressor octagonal machine series
6.2- Said motor rated power (HP)
Z- Z- Said in low temperature, high temperature machine G-, DS- low temperature bipolar
R- Refrigeration oil type: E- ester oil (R404A, R134A, R407c) R- mineral oil ( R22, R502 )

Oilsupply method: Centrifugai lubication
Motor valtage: 380...420vy/3/50Hz OR 440...480VY/3/60Hz
Protection class: IP65
Lubricant type: 2.00dm³ 70.4 floz
Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer TypeSemi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer Type

Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer Type

Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer Type
    Our Factory;
Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer Type

if you can not find the model here .please contact me !
Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Bitzer Type

Pay attention :
please tell me the specification in your enquiry, thank you 

1,What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is usually 5 set.
2,What is your delivery time?
The time of delivery is 3-7 days.
3,What is the shipping port
We ship the goods from shanghai or Ningbo 
4,What is your payment terms?
We accept 30% T/T in advance,70% in the period of shipment
5,How should I pay you?
Bank information is attached on invoice
6,What is the location of your company?
Our company is located in Ruao Industrial Area, Xinchang Couty, Zhejiang province,  China.
If you would like to have a visit, you are much welcome

What is your main products?
Focus on:
Semi-hermetic compressor
compressor spare parts
Refrigeration Compressor Unit
Refrigeration oil
compressor valve 
Ammonia valve 
Model Power/hp Displacement KW/HP
YBF0500GR 2×Φ54×46mm 18.4 m3/h 3.7KW/5HP
YBF0800GR 2×Φ64×48mm 26.6 m3/h 5.5KW/8HP
YBF1000GR 2×Φ64×64mm 36 m3/h 7.5KW/10HP
YBF1500GR 3×Φ64×64mm 54m3/h 10.5KW/15HP
YBF4FC-3.2ZR 4×Φ41×39.3mm 18.05m3/h 2.2KW/3HP
YBF4EC-4.2ZR 4×Φ46×39.3mm 22.72m3/h 3KW/4HP
YBF4DC-5.2ZR 4×Φ50×39.3mm 26.84m3/h 3.7KW/5HP
YBF4CC-6.2ZR 4×Φ55×39.3mm 32.48m3/h 4.4KW/6HP
YBF4FC-5.2GR 4×Φ41×39.3mm 18.05m3/h 3.7KW/5HP
YBF4EC-6.2GR 4×Φ46×39.3mm 22.72m3/h 4.4KW/6HP
YBF4DC-7.2GR 4×Φ50×39.3mm 26.84m3/h 5.1KW/7HP
YBF4CC-9.2GR 4×Φ55×39.3mm 32.48m3/h 6.6KW/9HP
YBF4VCS-6.2ZR 4×Φ55×42mm 34.73m3/h 4.4KW/6HP
YBF4TCS-8.2ZR 4×Φ60×42mm 41.33m3/h 5.5KW/8HP
YBF4PCS-10.2ZR 4×Φ65×42mm 48.50m3/h 7.5KW/10HP
YBF4NCS-12.2ZR 4×Φ70×42mm 56.25m3/h 8.8KW/12HP
YBF4VCS-10.2GR 4×Φ55×42mm 34.73m3/h 7.5KW/10HP
YBF4TCS-12.2GR 4×Φ60×42mm 41.33m3/h 8.8KW/12HP
YBF4PCS-15.2GR 4×Φ65×42mm 48.50m3/h 10.5KW/15HP
YBF4NCS-20.2GR 4×Φ70×42mm 56.25m3/h 15KW/20HP
YBF4G-20.2ZR 4×Φ75×55mm 84.5m3/h 15KW/20HP
YBF4H-15.2ZR 4×Φ70×55mm 73.6m3/h 10.5KW/15HP
YBF4G-30.2GR 4×Φ75×55mm 84.5m3/h 22KW/30HP
YBF4H-25.2GR 4×Φ70×55mm 73.6m3/h 18.5KW/25HP
YBF6H-25.2ZR 6×Φ70×55mm 110.5 m3/h 18.5KW/25HP
YBF6G-30.2ZR 6×Φ75×55mm 126.8 m3/h 22KW/30HP
YBF6F-40.2ZR 6×Φ82×55mm 151.6 m3/h 30KW/40HP
YBF6H-35.2GR 6×Φ70×55mm 110.5 m3/h 26KW/35HP
YBF6G-40.2GR 6×Φ75×55mm 126.8 m3/h 30KW/40HP
YBF6F-50.2GR 6×Φ82×55mm 151.6 m3/h 37KW/50HP
YBF4T-5.2DSR 4×60/48×44mm 19.70/12.60 m3/h  
YBF4N-8.2DSR 4×60/48×57mm 28.00/17.90 m3/h  
YBF4G-12.2DSR 4×75/65×55mm 42.30/27.00 m3/h  
YBF6J-16.2DSR 6×65/65×55mm 63.50/31.80 m3/h  
YBF6H-20.2DSR 6×70/70×55mm 73.60/36.90 m3/h  
YBF6G-25.2DSR 6×75/75×55mm 84.50/42.30 m3/h  
YBF6F-30.2DSR 6×82/82×55mm 101.10/50.50 m3/h  

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