Used car paint inspection and maintenance

When the car is inevitably bumped or scratched during use, it needs to be painted to make up for it. Therefore, when buying a used car, you don't have to worry too much about whether it has been painted. However, you should pay attention to the quality of the paint. You can use the “hand-to-eye” method. It is worth noting that some places where used cars are painted are not surprising. They do not have much impact on the prices of used cars, but it can be used to determine if the used car has had major or serious impacts. Vehicle performance traffic accidents.
Partial lacquer: It is generally due to small bumps that cause damage to the paintwork of the body and use local paints. There is also the need for sheet metal after partial damage to the car body, followed by paint.
All vehicles paint: due to aging paint, bumps, accidents and other reasons, need to paint the entire car.
Observe whether the vehicle is painted mainly in the following ways:
1. See the light reflection and color difference: Determine whether the paint is made by comparing the light and darkness of the reflected light of the vehicle body. Generally, the light reflected by the paint is very dark. However, some high-end vehicles are painted at the designated service station of the manufacturer. The computer matches the colors, matches the paint, and matches the bright oil. The quality of the paint is very good and it is not easy to observe. For metallic paint, you can check the amount of paint metal content. Of course, car users who do good paint quality do not have to care about it. The color difference of the car with poor paint quality is also obvious, and the user can see it.
2. Feeling smoothness by hand: The place where the paint is made will feel smooth, and the unevenness of the body can also be felt.
3. Observe whether there are any traces of sandpaper polishing: As long as the putty is sanded and polished with sandpaper, there will be traces, there are many or coarse or thin stripes, and the original car paint part is completely different.
4. Beat the body to judge: The tone of the sheet metal part should be low, because the thickness of the putty is not the same as the original paint.
5. Pay attention to the edges, trim strips and rubber seals: see if there are traces of residual paint and “flow paint”.
6. Open the machine cover: Check for any residual paint and color difference with the car body paint.
In short, the lacquer is mainly composed of “painting enamel” and “painting after impacting metal lining”. It is also recommended that the owner of the lacquer painter “painting room” at the manufacturer's maintenance station be of better quality.
Special Note: If your car only has some minor scratches and minor bumps, you don't have to do it frequently with insurance. Doing paint will affect the purchase price of your used car and paint it to take care of your face. When it comes to selling a car, it will suffer losses.

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