ZF-618 protective clothing tensile testing machine operating procedures Qingdao, Shandong

ZF-618 protective clothing tensile testing machine operating procedures

Article from the Technical Department of Qingdao Zhongbang Instrument Co., Ltd.

First, the instrument features

This tester is mainly used for various strength determinations of various textiles and their composite materials.

During the entire test, the gripper holding the specimen is fixed and the other is moved at a constant speed, so that the elongation of the specimen is proportional to the time. Principle: The sample of the specified size is stretched at a constant rate of elongation until it breaks off, and the breaking strength and elongation at break are recorded.

Second, technical indicators

Test force range:0~5000N

Test force accuracy: 1%

Stretching gauge range: 0 ~ 400mm

Sample clamp initial distance: 20mm

Power supply: 380V 50HZ 0.2KW

Third, the electrical control box button and display instructions

Rising - Press this button to move the upper chuck up and stop automatically when the upper limit is reached

Decrease - Press this button to move the upper chuck downwards and automatically stop when the lower limit

Stop - press this button to stop the upper chuck

Force value - real-time display of sensor output force value, can also display the maximum value of the sensor output during the test; can be pressed Description: 03 Switch between real-time force and maximum value

Power switch - press power to "1" instrument and press "0" to power off the instrument

Fourth, the operation steps

1. Turn on the power switch and warm it up for 5 minutes.

2, by "rise", "decrease", "stop" button, move the chuck to the test required distance, clamping the sample.

3, click on the power meter Description: Dots Then hold down Description: 04 2 seconds, remove the value on the force meter. Then press "Up".

4. After the specimen breaks, press the "stop" button; record the force value and the length of the fracture. A test is completed.

5, record the maximum force value, the direction of ≥ 780N (mass per unit area ≥ 200g/m2) / ≥ 490N (mass per unit area <200g/m2), zonal ≥ 390 as qualified.

V. Precautions

1. The sensor configured by this instrument is a precision device and should avoid the impact and distortion of external force.

2. The instrument is equipped with an upper chuck stroke limit switch. When the upper chuck reaches the upper and lower limit positions, the instrument protects itself and the upper chuck stops moving.

3, non-professionals do not open the box to move the parts of the instrument.

4. When the motor is running, it is forbidden to place the head, hand, etc. near the chuck and moving parts to avoid injury.

5, in case of emergency cut off the power quickly! Check the cause and re-power on.

6, the instrument power supply should have a reliable grounding.

This article is the original article of Qingdao Zhongbang Instrument Co., Ltd. If you need to reprint it, be sure to add the source of the description. Reproduce the misappropriation without permission.

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