2 year old “sleeping sister” Meng turns friends to take a bite to sleep in one minute

2 year old "sleeping sister" Meng Fan friends hand cake a minute sleep diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-03-23

Take a pie in hand and fall asleep for a minute
Two-year-old Suzhou sleepy sister turned friends
Do you still remember the Taiwanese "sleeping sister" who was popular with the two sides of the Taiwan Strait? The "Tai Mei" fell asleep while eating, leaving many users unable to hold it. A few days ago, a local new generation of "sleepy sister" was born on the Xijing website in Nanjing. In the five consecutive photos uploaded by the poster "A-1984," "Daddy Sleeping Girl" held a big cake, and with her mouth crumbs, she fell asleep. Sleeping sleep is not lost "Tai Mei," coupled with the pink face, cherry mouth, the sudden rise in popularity attracted tens of thousands of clicks, followers shouted cute, want to hold for their own.
"Sleeping sister" with a pie in her hand and fell asleep
On March 20th, Xiqiao netizen “A-1984” posted a message “You can sleep on the baby, haha! 》 , see sample landlord at the time of posting is happy. Afterwards, the landlord did not speak and he first appeared on the map. The story took place in a private car. The “sleeping sister” sat comfortably in the child seat. On the first picture, the little girl catches the eye as soon as she debuts. On her pink face, her eyes are closed. The key is the right hand pie, which is even larger than her face. The little girl's mouth is red and buzzing, and there are still pieces of crumbs in her mouth. It looks like the last second is still baking cake.
What makes one wonder, however, is that under the bangs of the girl's flush, a pair of willow leaves are bent and their eyes are locked. It seems to be painful. It can be seen that her entire person has entered a state of sleep but is tied back to life by the seat. No wonder people will suffer! “I just felt very good when I got into the car! I saw it in a blink of an eye as soon as I started the car and saw it.” This is the only picture of the landlord. Next, the girl still frowns and grabs the cake. The second picture, she can't hold it, she pulls her head down, the third one, she sees the hair but she doesn't see the face, the cake is decisive, the fourth, the little girl. Suddenly fell asleep, a few strands of hair scattered on the face.
Too many highlights, users are Meng
The lovely phase of “sleeping sister” let the followers love themselves uncovered and applied for a kiss and face. Netizen "big eyes 1212" shouted, "It's so cute and likes to die." As for the little girl's painful frown, the netizen ljlbb918 guessed, “She tried hard not to like this, but she struggled, haha!” The netizen “Cool to be cute” guessed, “The little face and the biscuits are almost as big as they are. Patiently..." The netizen "Si Sichen" said with emotion, "Abundantly, the cake was still in his hands when she fell asleep." The netizen "Sister Julie 0722" noticed that there were several sesame seeds on the face of the little girl, and the pie finally became public. The second focus of netizens' attention. The netizen "Golden Sea" wants to ask where the sesame seeds bigger than the baby face are bought. The netizen “missed” and said unabashedly, “I once again came in and wanted to see such a lovely child again. Second, I licked the pancakes in my baby's hands.” There was a time when the team that had ranked 15 minutes did not buy anything. I want to be very disappointed...
Fortunately, the light of the pie did not cover the sultry of “sleeping sister”, and many netizens also shared their own sleep gods. The netizen Zhou Guanlan said, “My family’s daughter is also eating sugar cane and she is still sleeping in sugar cane, and she is still unable to tell. The netizen “white rouge” is summed up, “Generally my family’s baby like this, I say “sleeping god” Work! ”
Mother said "sleeping sister" sleeps for 1 minute
The reporter contacted Ms. Leung of the poster in Suzhou. The protagonist in the photo is her daughter. She is a little over two years old this year. This scene takes place on her daughter's way out of school. "At half past four in the afternoon, I went to kindergarten to pick her up. She was very spirited when she took her seat. Who knows I just started the car and turned to see that she was asleep. It would be a minute before and after." Ms. Leung was also taken aback by her daughter's speedy sleep. “In the past, it was in the car. The little girl also had ten minutes to sleep.” The little girl had not yet slept so fast.
Why did the little girl fall asleep with her eyebrows? "Perhaps because she was carrying a book behind her, I didn't take it down." Ms. Leung is also not sure. I guess the child is very comfortable in the child seat, but it is very large with a large schoolbag behind. Painful. Regarding the much-received pie, Ms. Liang explained that it is a famous Suzhou pie. "Sleeping girl" likes to eat. "She has eaten a third, and she is still asleep."
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