A man was arrested by the Quanzhou police for information about "quake" indiscriminately.

A man was arrested by Quanzhou police for diesel generators due to boring "earthquake" information | Diesel Generator Price / 2010-08-11

On the morning of the 11th, the Public Security Bureau of Quanzhou, Fujian Province held a press conference to inform the media that the public security authorities in Quanzhou had uncovered 10 hours of intentionally spreading false information on earthquakes.
On the morning of the 10th, the Quanzhou City police received an alarm from the Seismological Bureau of Quanzhou City, claiming that someone called to the Seismological Bureau and asked for information to be sent to the public on behalf of the Seismological Bureau about Quanzhou Earthquake on the early morning of the 12th.
As the recent rumors of the imminent earthquake in Quanzhou, it has caused panic in parts of Quanzhou. After receiving the alarm, the Quanzhou police immediately formed a task force to investigate the case. The Quanzhou leaders also gave instructions and instructed the police to quickly and effectively detect cases and provide the citizens with a stable and peaceful living environment.
The task force promptly attacked according to the circumstances of the case. Through detailed visits to the case whistle-blowers, the case was swiftly searched for suspects who spread rumors. After a great deal of data analysis, personnel visits, and platoon scheduling, the task force finally targeted Xu Fengfeng (male, Han, 20 years old, and Huanggang, Hubei Province) employees of a factory in Luoshan Town, Jinjiang City.
On the evening of the 10th, the police task force captured the Xu Xiaofeng factory dormitories. After interrogation, the suspect Xu Moufeng explained that he was boring to use a mobile phone at 9:00 am on August 10th. “The Quanzhou Seismological Bureau reminds you that the Quanzhou earthquake will begin at 4:13:21 in the morning on the 12th. At 8:00, Taiwan had an obvious feeling of quake. Please send a message to prevent workers from sending a message.
In the face of reporters' interviews, Xu Moufeng said that he was boring and wanted to compile joke messages with his coworkers. After he sent out text messages, he was afraid that people would find out that he would turn off the mobile phone and he was not expecting such consequences. regret.
The police said that the rumors circulating in recent days about the earthquake in Quanzhou are deliberately spreading false terrorist information. This is a serious criminal act, and the police will crack down severely according to law. (Finish)
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