Baling Petrochemical's new flue gas desulfurization unit put into operation

As of October 6th, the new flue gas desulfurization unit of the 9th boiler of the Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Thermal Power Division has successfully passed the 168-hour intermodal shipment stability assessment and is in good condition.
Prior to this, after six consecutive days of operation, the new plant had opened up the entire process and on September 26, gypsum, a byproduct of desulfurization, was produced.
The completion of the device is expected to improve the quality of the atmospheric environment and reduce the harm caused by acid rain from the source, so that the emission of sulfur dioxide and smoke dust meets the national standard, and the expenditure of only one year of emission reduction can save more than 400 million yuan.
It is reported that this boiler desulphurization unit is expected to be driven by Baling Petrochemical for the first time.

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