Connector market ushered in the rise

New Trends in Connector Development In recent years, the use of fiber optic connectors, USB 2.0 high-speed connectors, wired broadband connectors, and micro-pitch connectors has increased in various portable/wireless electronic devices, and even higher-speed USB 3.0 has been used. Appeared in the market. Therefore, the market application hotspots of connectors are also changing. For example, the global electronic business and market process is getting faster and faster, while the Chinese government has invested heavily in areas such as triple play, smart grid, autos, and rail transit in the financial crisis environment. It can be seen that the market for connectors The requirements for high-speed interconnection and current-resistance are getting higher and higher; from the perspective of consumer electronics, applications like Internet TV are hot, and they involve the application of many antennas. Television system manufacturers need to set antennas at a very small distance. Therefore, the miniaturization and energy saving of the connector must be an important trend in the development of the home appliance industry; the complex body control and remote communication functions in the automotive electronic system also reduce the connector's size, intelligence, and environmental protection and high reliability. challenge. Chinese and foreign mainstream connector manufacturers in the creation of their own characteristics, but also from the introduction and application of products to lead or follow the pace of market demand.

The connector market has responded sensitively to changes in the terminal sector. In 2009, due to the financial crisis, electronic product sales fell sharply. According to connector market analysis firm Bishop and Associates, the global connector market due to the economic downturn fell by about 25% in 2009. From the sales data of the world connector industry market in 2009, Europe remains the world's largest connector market with annual sales of US$8.486 billion. North America is the second largest connector market with sales of $7.131 billion in 2009. The sales decline of these two major markets in 2009 was 28.9% and 24.4%, respectively. China's connector market also experienced the first negative growth, reaching -11.3%, which is the smallest drop in sales among the world's five largest connector markets.

Although the connector market suffered a setback in 2009, it is still possible to see some areas driving the development and growth of the connector market, such as the application of wireless technologies and new energy technologies. In the past five years, wireless applications have increased the connector market by more than 5%. The popularization of 3G networks, especially the promotion of China's 3G market, still leaves room for telecommunications connectors to continue to grow. In China, 3G and new energy are the focus of development in the coming years. Among them, wind turbines, solar cells, photovoltaic power generation and other equipment will use a large number of connector products, which will also bring new growth points for the connector.

In addition, due to the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things market, and the continuous transfer of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the connector market with the greatest potential for growth, and China is expected to become the world’s most growth in connector growth. The fastest and largest market for capacity.

With the emergence of these growth points, the connector giant quickly launched the corresponding products and quickly occupied a favorable market position. In May 2010, Molex released its SolarSpec junction box and cable assembly, which is scheduled to be mounted on monocrystalline and polysilicon photovoltaic solar backplanes, providing an interface for strip conductors and DC I/O cables on solar backplanes.

As the economic recovery began in the second half of 2009, major connector giants also accelerated the layout of the Chinese market. Tyco Electronics plans to focus its Asian business units into China by the end of 2010. This has been accompanied by the gradual entry of R&D centers into China by international companies. At the same time, local companies are strengthening their R&D capabilities and are closely related to the ranks of international companies. Not long ago, Enni also set up its backboard and cable assembly line in Asia in Beijing. The establishment of a backplane and cable assembly line means that Enni not only sells products in China but also brings services to China.

The connector market ushered in the rise of the global perspective, the connector as a major category of electronic components, has maintained the growth of nearly 6 years. Combining the global warming trend in the communications, industrial, and consumer markets, and the impact of the National Medium- and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development Plan Outline (2006-2020), China will bring great benefits to connectors in the coming 10 years. Development Opportunities. Switching connectors such as ultra-small surface mount switches, as well as broadband connectors, RF connectors, high-speed connectors, cable assemblies, and backplane connectors, will all usher in the rise in manufacturing technology and equipment applications in the future.

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