Automatic exhaust valve characteristics and working principle

HVAC systems and HVAC systems During operation, many adverse effects such as hydrogen, oxygen and other gases released during heating can damage the system and reduce the thermal effects. If these gases can not be discharged promptly, there will be many adverse consequences . Such as: corrosion caused by oxidation; the formation of airbags in the radiator; unbalanced hot water circulation is not smooth, so that some radiators do not partially heat; noise when the pipe runs with gas; vortex phenomenon circulating pump. Therefore, the system of exhaust must be promptly discharged, we can see the important role of the use of automatic exhaust valve. A. Features: 1) Only exhaust, no drainage. Steam, water disc design using a special structure to ensure that when the exhaust is not drained. 2) reliable performance. Emission device material using PK-EP. Compared with all known synthetic materials, PK-EP has the best performance and the highest reliability. PK-EP can withstand high temperature than the exhaust valve. The working temperature is much higher. The O-ring uses the optimized material EPDM to ensure that the O-ring still has good elasticity and operational reliability at high temperatures. Exhaust valve spool internal spring with special materials, and the use of imported nickel-plated stainless steel to prevent oxidation If the oxidation will affect the movement of the spool; Exhaust valve exhaust mechanism is very reliable, before the delivery of each valve through the row Gas experiment and pressure seal experiment. Individual components are cast from high precision, resulting in a perfect fit. 3) As long as the system is under pressure, the exhaust valve will continuously exhaust. B. Main purposes: automatic exhaust valve for: independent heating system; central heating system; radiant floor heating system; solar heating system; heat pump system; central air conditioning; heating boilers. C. Automatic exhaust valve works When there is air in the system, the gas accumulates in the upper part of the exhaust valve, the body bubble accumulation so that the float drops with the water level, so open the exhaust piston; gas exhausted, the water level rise, floating The ball also rises, closing the exhaust piston. If tightening the bonnet on the side of the body, the vent valve stops venting, and normally the bonnet should be open.

Coffee Printer

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coffee printer

Name Coffee printer
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Printing resolution 5760*1440dpi
Nozzles 90*6=540
Interface USB 2.0
Net weight/Gross weight 35kg/42kg
Printer size 57*48*44cm
Height adjustment Handle/Automatic
Working power 110-220 50-60Hz 30W
Operation system Windows 2000/XP/WIN7/Vista etc.


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