Lantian Agricultural Machinery Management Station in Shaanxi Province sent technicians to Linyi to inspect food drying technology

At present, the grain drying technology has become the bottleneck technology for the mechanized production of grain in Lantian County, which restricts the scale of grain production. Recently, under the leadership of Li Zhihan, the deputy chief of the Agricultural Machinery Station of Xi’an, the technical staff of the Lantian County Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Extension Station and the chairman of the Tiejia Agricultural Machinery Cooperative Co., Ltd. led a five-member delegation to the Linfen Alliance Agricultural Machinery Cooperative to investigate grain drying technology. After listening to the introduction of Liu Hongan, chairman of the Union Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, the inspection team visited the processing room of the grain drying equipment of the Union Cooperative to learn more about the site planning, performance, and operation modes of the drying equipment, and to introduce and popularize the grain for Lantian County. Drying technology has laid a good foundation.

Semiconductor/wafer Cleaning Agent

ZSEM produces a variety of high-purity fluorine-containing electronic special gases and organic solvents to make your chip manufacturing easier.Beacause wafer cleaning task is one of the most repeatedly carried out procedure that is undertaken when fabricating wafers. With the ever-changing technology and device shrinking property, cleaning processes do get complicated each time. Wafer contaminants range from particles with a diameter range of 0.1 to 20 microns, organic and inorganic contaminants, and impurities. Wafer cleaning has to be done without introducing any additional impurities or contaminants to the final surface.

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