High breakthrough in graphene highly sensitive gas sensors

[China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development] It was learned from the Jixi City Government of Heilongjiang Province that experts from scientific research institutions such as the Jixi City Science and Technology Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Engineering recently reported on the progress of the graphene highly sensitive gas sensor project.

It is reported that this project was developed by Jixi City Zhonghui Graphite Products Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Zhao Liancheng’s team of graphene.

As the “king of new materials”, graphene has near-perfect performance. It is the best known material with the highest conductivity and highest mechanical strength. It is very suitable as a sensitive gas sensor for chemical gas sensor sensitive materials. The sensor can be widely used to detect toxic and harmful gases such as automobile exhaust gas and chemical gas existing in industrial construction and public places.

At this special briefing, Prof. Wang Uran in the graphene team of Academician Zhao Liancheng gave a detailed report on the R&D background and market prospects of the project. Prof. Wang Uran introduced that the research and development of the project can solve some of the problems existing in most current automotive exhaust gas detection devices, such as complicated production and high prices, and that traditional vehicle exhaust gas detection devices can only be installed at fixed inspection stations, lacking randomness and timelyness. Sex. The graphene highly sensitive gas sensor developed this time can realize continuous monitoring, and the data validity is very high.

In recent years, Jixi City has vigorously promoted the development of the local graphene industry. In addition to the graphene gas sensor project, it also actively plans several graphene fields such as graphene polymer heat sink materials, graphene high-conductivity alloy film products, nano-diamonds, and sensors. research project.


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