Tphd12025-2 CNC Gantry Move High-Speed Plates Drilling Machine

Model NO.: TPHD12025-2
Precision: High Precision
Certification: GS, ISO 9001
Condition: New
Trademark: SUNRISE
Transport Package: Plywood Case
Specification: 22X6X3.6m
Origin: China
HS Code: 8459210000
Applicable Industry:
Mainly used for drilling tube plate, flange and large plate in petrochemical, boiler, wind power, flange industries and also for connection plates in building, bridge, heat exchange, iron tower industries. Drilling, tapping and light milling for workpieces. The carbide drill can be used for internal cooling high speed drilling, and high speed twist drills can be used to external cooling drilling.

Product feature:
The machine is mainly composed of bed and longitudinal slipway, gantry and horizontal slide table, vertical ram type drilling spindle box, worktable, chip remover, hydraulic system, cooling system, centralized lubrication system, electrical system, pneumatic system and other parts.
1. Heavy-load linear roller guide pairs (HIWIN, Taiwan) are equipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively. The longitudinal movement of the gantry's two sides is driven synchronously via Panasonic AC servo motor and precise ball screw pair of big pitch.

  1. Two movable slides are equipped on the cross beam of gantry. The sliders are guided by two linear roller guide pairs and driven by AC servo motor and precise balls crew pair of big pitch respectively.
  1. The slides on the cross beam are equipped with vertical CNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle, which adopts special conversion motor with heavy load for spindles. The motor drives the spindles via synchronous belt, stepless speed regulating, low speed with high torque. The drilling spindles (BT50) adopts Taiwan precision spindles (inner-cooling) with sweep device and disk spring automatic broach mechanism, hydraulic cylinder loosing cutter, very convenient to change shank.
  1. The hydraulic system solenoid valves adopt ATOS of Italy with stable quality.
5. The gantry adopts steel plate welded structure, through heat aging stress, with stable precision. The machine bed, worktable, vertical slide board, transverse sliding rams are all adopt high quality iron castings.          
6. There are several horizontal T-slots on the worktable, which are used for clamping clamps and tube plate parts.
  1. It adopts FAGOR8055 CNC systems of Spain, equipped with RS232 interface and LCD screen. Drilling coordinate CAD/CAM direct conversion can be realized. With pre modeling and review function before drilling holes, convenient for operation.

  1. It is equipped with chain-plate type automatic chip-conveyor and chip collection trolley. The cooling system is equipped with paper filer, high-pressure inner-cooling pump and low-pressure outer-cooling pump, which are used for inner-cooling or outer-cooling of cutter. Coolant can be recycled.
9. The machine X, Y axis guide rails and lead screws are equipped with shields. X axis is equipped with steel plate protection cover, Y axis is equipped with organ type protective cover
10. In order to ensure the reliability of the machine tools, the key parts are imported with high quality, details see the main configuration list.
11. Workpieces positioning alignment and clamping.
For square workpeice to find the reference block is available on a supporting plate of T slot is fixed on the X and Y in two directions, the reference block square workpiece two adjacent tightly on the side of X and Y on the two direction; for aligning circular workpiece from square workpiece, the two adjacent quadrant reference block stick tight in the X and Y two direction. For easy moving heavy workpieces can be placed in any supporting plate T slot on the center position by edge finder in spindle hole in the measured workpiece diameter (or inner diameter) three points, through the computer CNC program the calculation is accurate and rapid. Workpiece clamping is composed by plate, rod, clamping rod and pad etc., easy to use.

Model TPHD12025-2
Max. workpiece size 12000x2500mm
Max thickness 150mm
Work table Width of T slot 28/500mm
Load bearing 3t/
Vertical slide type drill head Quantity 2
Main spindle taper hole BT50
Max drill diameter Φ50mm (Carbide drill)
Φ65mm (HSS drill)
Main spindle speed 30-2400r/min
Motor power of spindle 2x37kW
Spindle stroke (mm) 500
Distance between spindle lower end to worktable (mm) 900-1400
(X axis)
Gantry longitudinal move
Max. stroke 12000mm
Moving speed of X axis 0-8m/min
Servo motor power of X axis (kW) / Torque (Nm) 2x5/28.4
X axis positioning accuracy 0.25mm/full length
(Y axis)
Power head transversal move
Max stroke 3000mm
Moving speed of Y axis 0-8m/min
Servo motor power of Y axis (kW) / Torque (Nm) 2x3/28.4
Y axis positioning accuracy 0.1mm/full length
(Z axis)
Vertical slider feeding
Stroke of Z axis 500mm
Feeding speed of Z axis 0-5m/min
Servo motor power of Z axis (kW) / Torque (Nm) 2x3/28.4
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump pressure/flow rate 6.5MPa / 25L/min
Hydraulic pump motor power 3kW
Pneumatic system Compressed air pressure ≥1MPa
Scrap cleaner and cooling   Scrap cleaner type Plate chain type
Qty. scrap cleaner  1
Scrap cleaner speed 2m/min
Motor power of scrap cleaner 1.5kW
Motor power of inner cooling water pump 2x3kW
Motor power of Outer  cooling water pump 0.75kW
Automatic lubricating system Lubrication pressure 2MPa
Lubrication point oil injecting amount 0.1mL
Lubrication period 6-10min
Electric system CNC system FAGOR8055
CNC axis NO. 6
Total motor power kW About 110
Overall size LxWxH About 22X6X3.6m
Weight   About 70t

Main Components List:
NO. item model Manufacturer
Main electric components
1 CNC system 8055i Spain FAGOR
2 Servo motor 5kW Japan Panasonic
  Servo driver 5kW
3 Servo motor 3kW
  Servo driver 3kW
4 Servo motor of main spindles 37kW China CTB
5 Servo driver of main spindles 37kw China CTB
6 low-voltage apparatus ALL Germany SIEMENS
7 Business computer LCD China

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The Thickness of the Conveyor Belt (mm)

The Tensile Strength of the Conveyor Belt (N/mm)

The Minimum Diameter of the Wheel (mm)












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