How to distinguish between true and false high-line CCD cameras

Professional infrared night vision camera SONY product model and chip combination

1. A4212SP/G4212SP/D4212SP:
Chips: CXD3141, CXD1267, CXA2096+ICX405;
2. A4512SP/G4512SP/D4512SP:
Chips: CXD2163BR, CXD2006, CXD2480R+ICX405;
3, A4512SPE/G4512SPE/D4512SPE:
Chips: CXD2163BR, CXD2006, CXD2480R+ICX405
(lower illumination; false low);
4, A4812SP/G4812SP/D4812SP:
Chips: CXD2163BR, CXD2006, CXD2480R+ICX409;
5, A4512SPEX/G4512SPEX/D4512SPEX:
Chips: CXD2163BR, CXD2006, CXD2480R+ICX255;
6, A4812SPEX/G4812SPEX/D4812SPEX:
Chips: CXD2163BR, CXD2006, CXD2480R+ICX259;

Market issues:
1, use 2163 + ICX405 posing fake high line;
Countermeasures: Education Customer True Line = 2163 + ICX409.
2, use 2163 + ICX405 posing false low;
Countermeasures: Educational customers are really low = 2163+ICX255.
3, use ICX409 or ICX255 to take the low line;
Countermeasures: Educate customers on the high line and low light = 2163+ICX259.

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