I am afraid that the confiscation of passengers by the security check at Qingdao airport actually hides the blade in the computer.

At 14:15 on November 22, the security inspection department of the Qingdao Airport Inspection Division conducted a security inspection mission on the 17th channel. At this time, Wang Junyue, the terminator, was interpreting the laptop computer that had passed alone and found that there were suspected blades in the notebook. Items, in order to eliminate doubts, immediately reminded the opening clerk Chen Hao to carefully check the laptop. A manual inspection of the laptop computer revealed that a razor blade was hidden between the laptop keyboard and the monitor. When asking why the passenger's razor blade was here, the passenger said: “Every time we pass the security check, we must throw away the blade and buy it again. It's too much trouble to think that we can bring it in.” The security inspector strictly enforced the passenger. After reviewing and confirming that there are no other problems, the leader of the duty shift is requested to hand over the passengers to the airport public security.

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