Yantai Traffic Police recommends that the annual car inspection system in May be upgraded in advance next month

Jellyfish Network April 1st reporter learned yesterday from Yantai City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Vehicle Administration, from May on the city's motor vehicle safety technology inspection and supervision system will be upgraded, then due to system upgrade may cause vehicle annual inspection system to suspend the use of traffic police The department suggested that vehicles that need annual inspection in May could be tested in advance to April.

According to the "Opinions on Strengthening and Improving Inspection of Motor Vehicles" issued by the Ministry of Public Security and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the work deployment requirements of the provincial corps, a unified national version of the vehicle safety technology inspection and control system will be used in May this year.

“Because the system construction and commissioning need a process, it is very likely that the vehicle annual inspection will not be able to operate normally during part of May. In May of each year, it is the peak period of the annual inspection of vehicles. Therefore, the impact of smooth transition to the annual inspection of vehicles will be affected. The traffic police department suggested that the vehicles to be inspected in May could be tested in advance in April, said Yan Qinghui, deputy director of the traffic police depot of the city traffic police.

It is reported that in accordance with the motor vehicle registration regulations, regular inspections of vehicles within 90 days of the inspection period can be conducted. Take the example of a vehicle for listing in July. The vehicle can be checked every 90 days in advance, that is, it can be tested in May and June.

Some car owners worry that if the vehicle inspection is advanced, the date of the next annual inspection will also be advanced. According to regulations, even if the annual inspection is conducted ahead of schedule, the vehicle management agency will endorse the registration of motor vehicle driving licenses in the corresponding month when the vehicle is registered. In other words, even if the car requires an annual inspection in July, the owner of the car advances to the trial in May, and the vehicle management department is still valid on the inspection mark until July. Citizens do not have to worry about this.

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