Led promotional car display maintenance method

Led publicity vehicle is a kind of outdoor advertising method used by many manufacturers nowadays. It can increase the scope of publicity and promote the promotion and effect of products. However, after a long period of use, you will find that the most important display screen will appear damp, grasp the following maintenance and treatment methods, can let the LED publicity car screen get better maintenance.


1, in the normal sunny environment below, led car advertising screen clarity is very good, but when it reaches the rainy weather, it will be a little bit unclear. Therefore, when it is raining, we should try to reduce the publicity efforts of the publicity vehicle and let it wait until the rain has completely stopped before going out to carry out promotional work.

2. When the publicity vehicle is vague, it is necessary to pay attention to observing whether there is only a phenomenon that shows ambiguity. If it is found that not only this problem but also the image editing and the original position are offset, then it must be timely. Contact the manufacturer for related after-sales repairs. Prevent the propaganda vehicle from operating in an unstable internal environment for a long time and irreparable damage occurs.

3. When there is a sign that the display begins to blur, if it is not due to a circuit system problem, but is simply not clearly displayed, the owner can drive the vehicle to a slightly softer temperature when the weather is good. Locally, let the publicity vehicle enjoy the sun bathing, and then let the vapors accumulated in the display screen evaporate.

4. Desiccant articles that absorb water vapor on the periphery of the display screen. However, it is worth noting that, when selecting a desiccant, it is necessary to select a desiccant with mild and non-corrosive properties so as not to cause secondary damage to the display due to leakage of the desiccant.

The above are some of the maintenance methods and techniques that LED advertising vehicles usually need to pay attention to. Of course, if you want to avoid moisture maintenance of the advertising vehicle, you can choose a display with waterproof function for yourself when you purchase. Now.

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