Liaoning Xugong multiple snow removal machinery passed provincial new product appraisal

Recently, entrusted by the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Committee organized a provincial new product appraisal meeting at Xugong (Liaoning) Machinery Co., Ltd. The three new product identification technologies of the SZD33 powerful deicing brush, the CS24 shovel brushing machine and the PX90Z automatic snow thrower developed by Liaoning XCMG all reached the leading domestic level, and all passed the provincial new product appraisal.

At the appraisal meeting, the participating experts carefully listened to relevant reports from the research and development staff of Liaoning XCMG about trial production summary, product testing, and user use of the three new products, reviewed related technical data, reviewed product samples, and conducted one-by-one research on three projects. Questions and comments were highly rated. The experts agreed that the technical data of these three new products are complete and standardized, and they meet the requirements for identification. The product specifications meet the requirements of the national and industry-related standards, and have good technological innovation. The technical level is at the leading level of similar domestic products and it is considered that the product Meet the production conditions, can be transferred to mass production.

The provincial new product appraisal committee was composed of relevant experts from research institutes such as Liaoning Technical University, Shenyang Polytechnic University, and Shenyang Engineering University. The deputy director of the Municipal Industry and Information Committee Gao Zizhu attended the appraisal meeting.

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