Precautions for using site sprinkler

I believe that many people have seen that the working environment on the construction site is very bad. Dust on the construction site is very high. The air quality is very poor. Many people bring some labor protection products and it is of no avail, so many construction site sites are Water trucks are needed to reduce dust. However, due to the fact that roads on the construction site are very uneven, road widths and reversing obstacles and other obstacles need attention, it is believed that many driver friends do not have a thorough understanding of these issues. Today Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction on the precautions before, during, and after the use of the sprinkler .


The first is about the environment where the sprinkler is located. The ground is very rough and there are many obstacles. Therefore, the driver's friends must carefully examine the on-site road conditions, working environment and technical requirements before using the sprinkler. We can fully guarantee the safety of vehicle and personnel.

The second is the precautions before using the site sprinkler, it is necessary to check the condition of the vehicle in detail, check whether there are looseness in the connection parts of the vehicle, whether the water pipes are damaged and whether the air pressure system is normal.

The third is about the construction site sprinkler truck operation and driving precautions. Pumping operation must be slowly after the start of the throttle, do not quickly stampede. During the process of water spraying, we must proceed slowly and uniformly, and strictly use the corresponding switch valve according to the requirements of the construction site. Be sure to slow down and slow down when turning or going downhill to avoid vehicle damage and personal injury caused by emergency braking. Do not casually pull people and chat with people during driving.

The fourth is about the post-time attention of the construction sprinkler. After use, the remaining water in the tank must be drained to prevent rusting inside the box. When the temperature is zero degrees Celsius, the water must be drained after use to prevent freezing. The parts must be placed after use so that it does not affect the construction and does not affect the traffic.

The above is about the use of site sprinkler notices related to the introduction, I believe that everyone will read after reading the person must have a more in-depth understanding of how to use the site sprinkler, hoping to help everyone.

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