Really heaven! Black foul water governance "integration of the world"!

Reporters learned that the Ministry of Environmental Protection Satellite Environment Application Center has recently jointly with the Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department, in some cities in Jiangsu River for the first time a world "scan" to change the past, artificial judgment of black and smelly rivers rely on the senses Means of assessment. Before the end of the year, the environmental protection department will analyze medium and high resolution satellite remote sensing images collected before and after the treatment of black-smelly rivers to analyze and evaluate the treatment effects and let the satellites evaluate the treatment effect of black-smelly rivers.

1 Nanjing black-odor river "at a glance"

According to reports, "Environment One" constellation of stars to go is about 650 km from the surface of the sun synchronous orbit, to the north and south through the polar point of the Earth orbiting. Experts say that Environment One covers only two days and is the shortest in civilian satellites in our country. For example, A star at 10:30 this morning, the transit Jiangsu, then the next time B stars through Jiangsu is the day after tomorrow at 10:30.

"Satellite remote sensing technology can obtain a wide range of data and information, but also fast, short cycle, access to information subject to fewer restrictions," These advantages will allow the discovery of black and smelly rivers, the effect of "more powerful." It is reported that just last month's "scan", including Nanjing, including a number of cities in Jiangsu, have found a number of black and smelly rivers. "In this experiment, a large number of high-resolution satellite remote sensing data and the key technologies for geometrically rectifying remote sensing images were obtained, which provided a template for future remote sensing interpretation of environmental changes and treatment effects of black-odor rivers."

57,36,12 ... Nanjing has already defined the longitude and latitude of the black-smelly waterway into the scheme in two years and this year and is included in the dynamic data management center of the MEP. However, there are still undiscovered black-smelly watercourses and even " Hiding "black and smelly river, in the past by the environmental protection department manual monitoring. According to satellite "scan", some cities in Jiangsu also found some "suspected" black and smelly rivers, which were further clarified through "comparison and comparison." Experts believe that this greatly shortens the time it takes to determine the list of black-and-black river governance.

2 satellites will participate in the treatment of black and smelly rivers "State Examination"

Nanjing Friendship River, Honghuahe, Tangjiagou 12 rivers, the end of this year will accept the Ministry of Environmental Protection's "national examination." It is reported that "State Examination" in addition to looking at the data, as well as third party sensory evaluation of water body, but also may join the satellite remote sensing monitoring data.

Environmental experts told reporters that China's "water ten" when the introduction of the satellite has been indicated that the participation of water environment governance "attitude", the Ministry of Environmental Protection Satellite Environment Application Center is free to use, and the data is also open, but due to black odor Difficult river management, many cities do not want to ask the satellite to "see." However, according to the "Water Ten Rules" recently promulgated by the MEP and the two ministries of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the participation of satellites in the "national examination" will be an important means in the future. Therefore, this pilot project in Jiangsu shows the determination and intensity of Jiangsu's handling of the black-odor river.

It is reported that the pollutants affecting the black-smelly channel are suspended solids, algae, chemical substances, dissolved organic matter, heat release, pathogens and oil substances in water. The main mechanism of water environmental quality monitoring using remote sensing technology is contaminated water Have unique spectral features that are distinct from clean water bodies and are characterized by their absorption or reflection of specific wavelengths of light and the dynamic characteristics of these spectra can be reflected in remote sensing images. Can have specific indicators. So, let "eye" to test, the data more real.

3 contaminant type is determined faster

Reporters learned that the application of satellite remote sensing means, but also can quickly monitor the type of black-odor river pollution sources, the location of the distribution and distribution of pollution and so on.

Reporter in a city of Jiangsu black-odor river remote sensing map to see, as Google's "Street View", the distribution of pollutants in the river, outlet, domestic sewage pipes are all marked out, and if by Artificial to test, light "thoroughly" you need a month's time.

In response, experts from remote sensing told reporters that the clean water and the polluted water in the water body have different reflection spectra for radiation. For clean water, the reflectance is relatively low, and the spectrum reflects a shorter frequency band, which In the remote sensing images, the frequency bands tend to be cool tones; on the contrary, the reflectivity of polluted water is higher, and the expression on the remote sensing images tends to be warm tones. Through the analysis of remote sensing images can be drawn to the distribution of specific water pollution, rational use of these analysis results can work out water pollution control programs.

At present, just like air quality, MEP is preparing to publish monthly water environment rankings of major cities and regions as well as major pollutant types. Satellite remote sensing technology is an important means of judgment.

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