Some methods for extending the life of automobile tires

We often hear people say that every car has a fifth tire, which is the spare tire. This is enough to see the importance of the car's tires for the car, and it also shows that it will be a problem at any time and needs to be replaced. We all want to extend the life of car tires, but if there is an accident or if it is used for too long, the tire will inevitably fail. So how can we make the service life of automobile tires longer? Share with you some ways to extend the life of automotive tires.


First, master the temperature of the tire. In the course of running the vehicle, due to the fast running speed, friction occurs with the ground, which will cause the temperature of the tire to rise, especially when the road temperature is relatively high in the summer, so that the tire temperature rises more rapidly. The tires of vehicles belong to rubber products. If they are exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time, they can easily cause aging of the tires, which may cause the tires to be easily deformed or draped. However, we can not avoid the friction between the tire and the ground when driving. To reduce the wear and tear on the tire, we recommend that you reduce the time spent on high-temperature roads and try to drive on a flat surface.

Second, about the problem of inflating tires. Too low tire pressure will lead to increased wear of the tire. If the tire pressure is too high, the area of ​​contact between the tire and the ground will become smaller, resulting in the occurrence of punctures in the middle of the tire. Therefore, when inflating the tires, it is necessary to control the degree of inflation, and check whether the four tires are in a balanced state. If there is not enough tires, the tires will be depleted. This has certain influence on the safety of driving. When inflating the tire, it is best to observe the barometer and control it within a reasonable range to ensure that the vehicle can run safely and smoothly.

Third, regarding the load of the tires. We all know that vehicles are strictly prohibited from overloading. Actually, this is not just a matter of safety. It also has some impact on the tire wear of vehicles. If the vehicle is in an overloaded state, the load on the tire is increased, so that the area of ​​contact between the tire and the ground will increase, which will easily lead to the occurrence of slippage of the vehicle. The wear of the tire is very large, and it also causes safety. Great influence.

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