Basic knowledge of miniature vacuum pumps

The so-called vacuum, is in a given space, the pressure is below 101325Pa gas state. In a vacuum, the leanness of a gas is usually expressed as the pressure of the gas. Obviously, the lower the pressure, the thinner the gas.

Jingye precision mechanical slitting machine is specially used for slitting various thin strips, such as copper,
 Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, up to + -0.002mm 

(1). Raw material specifications 1. Material: metal strips such as copper and stainless steel strips. 2. Material width: within 420mm. 3. Material thickness: copper strip 0.05mm∽1.5mm, stainless steel 0.05mm∽1.0mm. 4. The inner diameter of the raw material roll: ¢300mm. 5. Outer diameter of raw material roll:≦¢1500mm.

6. Weight of raw material roll: ≤3000kg.

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FT-650Aluminum Strip Slitting Machine

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