Briefly describe the research status of different types of fluorite flotation processes

Fluorite mineral raw materials as an important modern industry, mainly used in new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, as well as traditional areas of metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, optical industry, is a valuable strategic non-renewable resources, with Similar to the "world-class scarce resources" of rare earths, it was listed as "strategic minerals catalogue" in China in 2016.

Study on different types of fluorite flotation process

Fluorite is also known as fluorspar, fluorspar powder, fluorite powder, and its main component is calcium fluoride (CaF2). Contains more impurities, associated with a variety of minerals. Mineral fluorite ore flotation process to use more from a rough election, repeatedly featured work from.

In the flotation of fluorite ore, the choice of flotation agents is crucial. Fluorite deposits can be classified into quartz type, calcite type, barite type and polymetallic symbiotic fluorite ore depending on the associated minerals. Due to the different types of gangue minerals in different types of fluorite ore, the flotation process and chemicals are also different. The flotation process technology and medicaments of different types of fluorite ore are also different.

Quartz fluorite ore

Quartz-type fluorite ore is mainly composed of fluorite and adaptation. According to the characteristics of useful mineral inlay, it can be divided into two types: coarse-grained inlay and fine-grained active inlay.

The coarse-grained inlaid fluorite is easy to select, and the high-quality fluorite concentrate can be obtained by using a fatty acid collector such as oleic acid, a pulp adjusting agent for sodium carbonate, and a quartz inhibitor for water glass.

The fine-grained inlaid fluorite is more difficult to select. The flocculating agent used is the same as the quartz-type fluorite ore. In order to obtain high-quality, low-silicon fluorite concentrate, it is necessary to strengthen the grinding to improve the useful minerals. Monomer dissociation.

The flotation of quartz-type fluorite ore can solve the problem of sufficient dissociation of the target mineral, solubility and availability of the collector, and can obtain more than 96% of the fluorite concentrate of CaF 2 grade after repeated selection.

Calcite fluorite ore

The fluorite in the calcite-type fluorite deposit is densely packed, breccia or disseminated, accompanied by mineral oil calcite and quartz.

Both fluorite and calcite are calcium-containing minerals, and their solubility is similar. Therefore, the flotation separation of calcite-type fluorite is difficult. The use of fatty acid collectors can effectively float them, but the selectivity is poor. Emulsification, modification or combination of fatty acid collectors can achieve better flotation.

In addition, the selection of high-efficiency inhibitors is the key to the separation of fluorite and calcite. The most widely used inhibitor of fluorite flotation is water glass, but when the surface of gangue mineral is activated by metal ions such as Ca2+ and Mg2+, ordinary water glass loses its selective inhibition. The silicate ions and their low polymers in acidified or modified water glass have strong complexation with calcium ions, which can effectively displace the collector adsorbed on the surface of calcite minerals, thereby achieving flotation separation of fluorite and calcite. .

Calcite-type fluorite ore is difficult to select. The choice of suitable collectors and inhibitors is the key to the separation of fluorite and calcite. At the same time, reasonable process flow and process conditions are also important factors to improve the flotation index. Combination agents and new agents are more widely used in this type of fluorite ore.

Barite fluorite ore

Barite ore fluorite main mineral barite and fluorite, with a small amount of other minerals pyrite, galena, sphalerite and other, higher levels of deposits portion quartz, barite formation - Fluorite - Quartz deposit.

Since the surface cations of fluorite and barite are the same as alkaline earth metal ions, their natural floatability is similar, which makes the separation of barite and fluorite extremely difficult. The key to the separation of barite and fluorite flotation is the choice of inhibitor. The flotation separation process of barite-type fluorite ore is to inhibit the precipitation of fluorite from barite and the inhibition of fluorite from barite. The barite flotation fluorite process is widely used in industry.

The barite-type fluorite ore generally adopts mixed flotation to obtain the barite-fluorite mixed coarse concentrate first, and then separates the two minerals. Separation and flotation generally adopts an organic inhibitor such as starch, tannin or sodium lignosulfonate or a combination inhibitor to inhibit barite, and is collected by a mixed collector.

Polymetallic symbiotic fluorite ore

The polymetallic symbiotic fluorite deposit is complicated in origin. The fluorite in the deposit is filled with the quartz in a large amount in the fracture zone, often accompanied by useful minerals such as tungsten, molybdenum , niobium , copper , sulfur, etc. Therefore, fluorite and other considerations need to be considered during development. Comprehensive recovery of metal minerals.

The polymetallic symbiotic fluorite ore generally adopts the method of preferential flotation to select the useful minerals in turn, that is, the sulfide mineral collector (yellow medicine, black medicine, etc.) preferentially floats the metal sulfide mineral, and then the fatty acid collector (Oleic acid, oxidized paraffin soap, etc.) Flotation of fluorite from metal sulfide mineral flotation tailings. The fluorite flotation process and pharmaceutical system are similar to the first three types of fluorite ore.

to sum up

Fluorite is an important strategic resource. With the gradual depletion of fluorite resources, its application fields are expanding, and it is imperative to strengthen the development and utilization of poor, fine and miscellaneous fluorite mines. Flotation is the most efficient method of sorting fluorite ore, and flotation reagents are the key to the flotation process. Therefore, the selection of combination agents and the development of new agents are of great significance in the flotation of refractory fluorite ore, and are an important research direction of fluorite flotation.

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