Multimedia conference project multi-signal processing solution

In videoconferencing projects, due to the use of video equipment from different manufacturers, video signals of different formats and interfaces appear (possibly: signals such as CVBS, VGA, YPbPr, RGBHV, HDMI, DVI, RJ45 (network), and optical fiber), and The compliance of the video signals with the standards is not uniform, and these conditions make the system's signal compatibility very difficult. In addition, due to the use of different video signal formats, the signal transmission distance is also different, for example, DVI is 5 meters, and HDMI is only 15 meters. Such a short distance usually cannot meet the actual needs of project implementation. In this practical project, the compatibility of signals, the transmission distance of signals, the feasibility of project implementation and the total system cost are problems that must be solved.
If a traditional solution is adopted, a plurality of different signal types of matrices are used to manage different signal sources for various types of device and various interfaces of the conference system. For example, an AV signal uses an AV matrix, and a VGA signal uses a VGA matrix or RGB. Matrix, digital signal use DVI or HDMI matrix, for a very small number of signals may consider using a conversion device to convert it to the existing matrix signal format. Although this type of solution can solve transmission problems, it has the following drawbacks:
1, using a variety of different matrix, the system is complex, the cost is too high;
2. Many kinds of converters cause many failure points, the image quality is reduced after conversion, and the stability is decreased;
3, the display device requires support for multi-format input, and need to switch the channel to display the specified signal;
4, cumbersome wiring, the difficulty of project construction increases, the control of the programming is complex;
5, the user is inconvenient to use, need to choose to switch too many devices, and need to switch the display channel problem;
6, the signal switching effect is not ideal, there are intermediate transition states and other issues.
In response to the above problems, we introduced the seamless switching matrix of JS-S-MIX and KV-HHW series. This is a concept based on modular design, supports seamless switching, supports various analog signals and digital signals, and freely combines inputs. Output, professional-grade matrix switching equipment. Only need to add a central control card, it has a powerful programmable central control function, full support for tablet, Android and other control terminals, greatly reducing the cost.
Board card design, free collocation
The board-type high-density module combined structure design facilitates combination expansion and maintenance, saving system cost. Support VGA, DVI, Video, YPbPr, HDMI signal input, support 3G-SDI signal input, support optical fiber, twisted pair signal input. A variety of signals are processed in a unified manner, and one mixing matrix function is equivalent to multiple ordinary matrices. The input multi-channel signal can be quickly switched to multiple output channels simultaneously. Adopt high-bandwidth switching chip, support high-definition signal, compatible with support 480P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P resolution, can make the transmission attenuation to the lowest in this signal mode, provide good high-definition images, ensure the image signal can be high fidelity Output. With strong emergency recovery capabilities, scalability, and flexibility, when field signals change, only new signal boards need to be added.
Free control, multi-port compatibility
JS-S-MIX and KV-HHW series of high-definition mixing matrix, not only with off-site protection, seamless switching and other functions, but also with the computer to use the RS-232 communication interface, RJ45 network control interface; to achieve a variety of Mainstream high-end control mode. Can use RS-232, RS-485, RJ45 connection PC software to set up, control.
EDID automatic detection function, adaptive output
Real-time automatic calculation of EDID information intersections and collections at any output display device. When one input signal is sent to a plurality of display devices with different resolutions, the best resolution of the current switching state can be automatically obtained, and the resolution of the signal source is changed.
Seamless switch, reject black screen and delay
Traditional video matrices have drawbacks such as flicker, black burst, jitter, delay, and signal interruption during the switching process. The Earl II generation hybrid matrix completely overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional matrix, no flicker, no black screen, no delay, no signal interruption in the switching process.
Scalable control function
In a general conference room, the investment cost is limited and the control function requirements are not high. If more central control hosts are to be configured, the overall cost will increase. The central control expansion card is designed for the central control function of the Earl series HD mixed insertion matrix. She supports 3-way programmable serial port, 3-way programmable infrared emission port, ipad, iphone, and Android tablet control. It can realize the central control host function. With fingertips sliding between them, you can easily switch signals.
Output channel supports independent adjustment of resolution, adjustable up, down and left and right sizes
The JS-S-MIX and KV-HHW series of matrices solve different display requirements for various display terminal devices in the system. All output channels and adaptive output parameters (resolution, up, down, left, and right size) can be adjusted independently, and the functions are extended. After that, you can select a resolution as the resolution of the output, to solve the slight differences such as 1360*768 and 1366*768, and in other cases the border inaccurate phenomenon.
In addition, the JS-S-MIX series hybrid matrix adopts a single-card single-channel board design, supports a maximum of 144 channels, and the input/output board cards are flexibly matched, subverting the traditional one-card and four-way board cards. How many.

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