If the unapproved construction project is punished, it can be handled in accordance with the law.

On September 27, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a regular press conference in September. Cui Shuhong, director of the Environmental Impact Assessment Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that for the unapproved behavior, after the punishment is in place and the relevant personnel responsibility is in place, the law can still be handled. EIA procedures. If the project EIA is not passed, it can be ordered to return to its original state.

He said that "the project that has not been approved for the first time can be re-submitted" is a matter of general concern to the whole society. The new "EIA Law" has removed the clauses that have been used to replace the EIA procedure within a limited time, which is to give everyone a strong signal: unapproved The first construction act is a serious violation of the law, and the consequences are very serious.

"For the unapproved behavior, the "Environmental Assessment Law" also sets a high amount of punishment, that is, 1-5% of the total investment amount, but also to investigate the responsibility of the relevant personnel. Punishment is in place, relevant personnel responsibility is investigated After the in place, the environmental assessment procedures can still be handled according to law. If the project is not passed in the process of the EIA, then it can be ordered to revert to its original state." Cui Shuhong said, "We are initially thinking this way, but this problem is still Improve in practice."

It is understood that on July 2, 2016, the newly revised "EIA Law" was reviewed and approved by the Twenty-First Meeting of the 12th National People's Congress Standing Committee and officially implemented on September 1, 2016. The "EIA Law" has revised the contents of the nine aspects, especially the penalties for violations such as the first evaluation of the EIA.

The newly revised "EIA Law" stipulates that "the construction unit has not submitted the environmental impact report and report form of the construction project according to law, or has not re-applied or reported to the environmental impact report and report form in accordance with the provisions of Article 24 of this Law. If the construction is started without authorization, the environmental protection administrative department at or above the county level shall order the construction to be stopped. According to the illegal circumstances and the harmful consequences, a fine of more than one percent to five percent of the total investment of the construction project shall be imposed, and the original state may be ordered to be restored. The administrative personnel directly responsible for the construction unit and other directly responsible personnel shall be given administrative sanctions according to law."

If, in accordance with the previous "Environmental Assessment Law", the penalties imposed on enterprises that have not been approved for construction will only be suspended, construction, environmental assessment, and punishment. The maximum penalty is 200,000 yuan. According to the revised "Environmental Assessment Law", the penalty for unapproved pre-construction behavior is adjusted from a maximum of 200,000 to 1-5% of the total investment amount, and the deadline for re-issuance procedures is removed, and the increase can be ordered to be restored. The legal responsibility of the original. For projects that have already started, there may be huge economic losses due to illegal activities, which will have a powerful deterrent effect on illegal activities.

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