Data show: Japanese car companies accelerate "evacuation" of Japan

Data show: Japanese car companies accelerate "evacuation" of Japan According to statistics published by Gasgoo Online Week, the proportion of overseas production of major automobile companies in Japan has increased significantly in the past five years, while the proportion of domestic production in Japan has decreased accordingly. Japanese auto companies are accelerating their "evacuation" of Japan.

Japan’s largest car maker, Toyota (excluding Daihatsu and Hino), produced more than half of the cars produced in 2006 in Japan. By 2007, Japan’s domestic production accounted for 49.5% of its global output. After that, its proportion continued to decline year by year, accounting for only 43.1% in 2010.

Nissan and Honda's "evacuation" is even faster. In 2006, more than 61% of the global production of these two car companies came from overseas factories. By 2010, Nissan and Honda's overseas production share accounted for 72.0% and 72.7%, respectively.

As the exchange rate of the yen against the US dollar continues to rise, many car companies including Toyota have disclosed that if the exchange rate continues to rise, it will have to shift more production capacity from Japan to foreign countries.


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