European Commission releases draft labelling rules for agricultural products

The European Commission has issued a draft of a labelling standard for pesticide products, which is also one of a series of regulations promulgated for the EU to fully implement the new regulation “EU Agricultural Registration Standard 1107/09”. In this draft, the label-related requirements in Annex 1 (91/414) of the European Union's Agrochemical Registration Directive will continue to be used, and some additional provisions for the reuse of packaging and experimental products will also be added. This labeling regulation is also one of the five regulations that the EU will be required to vote on before June 14, 2011.

This draft contains existing packaging requirements, including detailed description of product ingredients, conditions of use, and standard expressions of relevant risks and safety notes, including “only authorized holders have the right to reuse packaging and the packaging is specially designed, Can be reused when used in reusable packaging."

The draft Regulations also stipulates the labeling of some R&D tests or products for testing. The requirements are: the name and address of the authorized holder and the authorized number of the product; the name and concentration of the contained active substance; the type of product and the mechanism of action Formulation type. These products must also identify the warning “This product is limited to test use and its nature is not completely determined. Please handle it with care!”

The draft has been reviewed by the EU Food Chain and Animal Health Standing Committee and submitted to EU ministers for review this month.

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