Zhonghai Industrial City, an electric motor to undertake the import side push motor maintenance

Recently, a motor of Zhonghai Industrial City has undertaken a WK270 VB-10 2650KW 1800V import side push motor maintenance business. After disintegration inspection, the motor tooth pressure plate is loose in many places and has a broom phenomenon. Due to the urgency of the time, the two sides adopted measures such as partial lashing and artificial lacquering after consultation. In the manufacturing process, the motor is different from the domestic motor, which makes the maintenance difficult. During the dismantling and repair process, the technicians are extremely patient and meticulous, and have won the praise of the customers with rich maintenance experience and superb technology.

Production range of Precision Machined Communication Adapter
Including: auto&motocycle, mining machinery, building industry, electrical and electronic products, industrial machinery and equipments, transportation, and etc.

Product advantages of precision machined communication adapter
1. Good compatibility
2. Precision-machined
3. Good reliability & stability
4. Ceramic or Bronze Sleeve
5. Two types of fiber stub port:APC/UPC
6. Single mode/Muti-mode
7. Various styles:Squareness,Circular and Square link together

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Precision Machined Communication Adapter

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