How to choose a good cleaning fence cleaning car

In the routine cleaning and maintenance work of municipal roads, the guardrail cleaning vehicle is a municipal cleaning and maintenance vehicle that has only been used in recent years. It is mainly responsible for the cleaning of daily urban road barriers, as well as the cleaning of some infusion pipes, walls, and walls on both sides of roads. Wait. According to the characteristics of the actual object to be cleaned, a fence cleaning vehicle equipped with an efficient operation mode and an auxiliary device such as watering and high pressure cleaning can be properly selected to effectively improve the cleaning effect of the fence cleaning. Specifically, guidance cleaning vehicles with better cleaning effect can be selected according to the following points.


First, choose a fence cleaning vehicle equipped with a high-efficiency brush head. The length of brush filaments selected should be scientifically designed. According to the action principle of the brushing device operating rate on the centrifugal stress produced by the brush filament, the unreasonable brush filament length will reduce the centrifugal stress of the brush filament and affect the cleaning effect. When working, an excessively long brushing device may cause loss due to the different degree of local wear to the object being cleaned. Should choose the type of brushing device length designed according to the standard width of the steel plate. At the same time, guardrail cleaning vehicles equipped with columnar, double brush heads and other scrubbing devices should be selected on the market. Such a model can complete multiple brushing and spraying operations at the same time, improving the operating efficiency.

Second, choose a fence cleaning vehicle that does not require the addition of cleaning fluid. In general, the cleaning liquid and the water mixture adhere to the brush filament in a liquid state for a certain period of time, and the sticky and slippery characteristics of the cleaning liquid will reduce the friction between the brush filament and the cleaning object and reduce the cleaning effect. Moreover, the cleaning method of adding the cleaning solution will leave cleaning foam stains on the road surface, which is also not conducive to municipal environmental protection. The brush filaments are made of soft materials and are designed to not only damage the decorative surface of the guardrail during the cleaning process, but also effectively remove the stains.

Third, choose a cleaning operation mode more efficient fence cleaning vehicle . The efficiency of the cleaning operation mode is reflected in the large adjustable range of the cleaning speed for the body, and the high operating speed and wide range of the scrubbing device. The operator can flexibly grasp the speed of the cleaning operation according to the contamination of the object to be cleaned and complete the fence cleaning operation with high quality and high quality.

Reasonable choice of guardrail cleaning vehicles through the above points can allow the cost of municipal cleaning equipment to be used to maximize the efficiency of municipal fence cleaning.

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