Automatic business car fuel-saving tips

When we buy a car, we always ask if there is a fuel-saving tip. After all, the cost of a car is still relatively large. If you buy fuel, then the owner's psychology will be disgusting. Today we will say that this automatic commercial vehicle has no fuel-efficient tips.

Auto-shifting cars has its own characteristics, so fuel-saving tips are more special.

1. Gentle start

Many commuters have a fast pace of life and are hurrying through in the morning. When they get out of the car in the morning, they like to start the throttle and drive. In fact, at this time, due to the cold car, the water temperature and other work are still not in the normal state. Therefore, it will be more costly. Then the best method: After the car starts, warm it up for a minute or so (if it's winter, it needs to be longer), make the car move slowly, then slowly add fuel, wait for the water temperature to be normal, and then run normally. .

2. Can you pass the traffic light successfully?

Now many small cities will have traffic lights, so it is unavoidable that the drivers’ friends encounter on the road. When encountering a traffic light, the driver who drives the automatic transmission must learn to judge whether his car can pass the traffic light successfully. It is very important. If you think you can't pass, please release the throttle earlier to control the speed and avoid sudden braking. Experts said that such an early judgment can save at least 30% of the oil.

3. Never hang on the "N" block

Many drivers have a misunderstanding, that is, hanging N can save fuel, in fact, this statement is wrong, here is the use of the speed of inertia is to use the speed, release the car's accelerator pedal, so that the car taxiing, so that the taxi can be Save some oil. Most automatic models, at 60 km/h, normally slide about 200 meters, and the speed will drop to about 40 km/h, which is available. If it is just under the elevated conditions, it is entirely possible to release the throttle in advance and allow the car to taxi itself to the intersection.

4. Slowly refuel

There are many young driver friends who like to put the throttle on foot (ie, floor oil), but experts say: This is a very wrong practice and will increase fuel consumption accordingly. So the best way: slowly add fuel. In addition, when an auto-stop car reaches a certain speed when the accelerator is depressed, the car will automatically shift gears. At this time, the driver remembered to loosen the throttle and then pressed the accelerator pedal. This also saves a lot of oil.

5. Routine maintenance

The topic of maintenance can be said to be mentioned every time. It can be seen that the importance of the vehicle is strong. As long as you do proper maintenance routinely, it is also very important to save fuel.

Well, today's tips for fuel-efficient tips on the above points, hope to be useful for novice drivers, there are many similar articles in the Chinese car network fuel-efficient articles, as long as parents observe a lot, it will also be their own driving automatic business car is good of.

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