Ji Rui United Trucks launched a number of new models in 2011 across the full range of heavy trucks

On July 14, 2011, the heavy-duty trucks produced by Wuhu Jirui Union Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. continuously went to the market through the assembly line of flowing water. The joint truck is a heavy truck jointly produced by Chery Automobile and CIMC. The listing of the truck has filled Wuhu's lack of heavy truck manufacturing. It is reported that 21 models and more than 600 genealogy products will be introduced to the market in 2011, and the products will span the fields of traction, cargo loading, engineering, and specialization.

Ji Rui United truck project was officially launched in March 2009. The main participants are: CIMC, Chery Automobile, Yuchai Group, Fast Group, and Fuhua Heavy Industry. These are China's largest logistics equipment and special vehicle manufacturing companies, China's largest independent brand automobile manufacturing company, China's largest diesel engine manufacturing company, China's largest heavy truck transmission manufacturing company, and China's largest axle manufacturing company. The five heavyweight companies in the domestic automotive industry have joined the heavy truck industry.

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