Domestic Heavy Truck Overloading Serious Vehicle Lightweight Technology Imperative

“In fact, the biggest obstacle to the development of China’s commercial vehicle technology is overloading! We have been plagued by overloading for a long time, and automobile manufacturers have continuously produced cars that can be overloaded to meet the requirements of users, which has seriously hindered technological progress. China Automotive Engineering Society Automobile lightweight technology Mr. Chen Yilong, Director of the Expert Committee of the Strategic Alliance for Innovation, made an appeal.

Compared with European cars, China's passenger vehicles weigh 5 to 10% more than commercial vehicles, and commercial vehicles weigh 17% more. This is not only a current reality, but also means more fuel consumption, more carbon dioxide emissions, and more. Low load rate.

A set of research data shows that the impact of the weight reduction rate of commercial vehicles on fuel consumption can be calculated by reducing the self-weight by 10% and the fuel consumption by 4.8%. According to such a ratio, by 2020, China's commercial vehicles will be able to lose 20% to 25% of their weight compared to 2007. Based on the vehicle ownership at that time, it will save 25 to 30 million tons of fuel each year. This is a considerable number.

Is the lightweighting of cars just a matter of lighter weight? This question is open to question.

First of all, from the connotation of the lightweight technology, under the conditions of meeting product functional requirements and cost control, the structural optimization design, multi-materials and various manufacturing technologies are integrated and applied to achieve product weight reduction. According to the case of lightweight doors of the Mercedes-Benz sedan in 2007, after comprehensive consideration of lightweight optimization, the weight of the entire vehicle was reduced by 1 kg, the cost was reduced by 15%, and the collision safety was also improved. This is a typical case of lightweight optimization.

Secondly, from the perspective of design thinking, “lightweight” is regarded as the supply of materials is the result of our country engaged in reverse design, imitation and localization, and is currently the main technical bottleneck to impede the improvement of China’s lightweight level.

The lightweighting of automobiles is an integration of design, manufacturing, and material technologies. It must be the result of coordinated efforts among various technical personnel. Lightweighting is a parallel project. If one group of designers is only responsible for the design of the braking system, and the other group of designers is only responsible for the design of the steering system, and each system requires a bracket, then at least two brackets are required. If you can coordinate in the design process, consider combining the two brackets into one enough.

For example, Dongfeng tractors, which are known to everyone, have optimized their functional configuration in the design process of weight loss by 40%. Their structural optimization accounted for 19%, the two items accounted for 59%, and the real new material technology accounted for only 41%. %. Chen Yilong believes that new materials and new processes have to be configured by design. The reason why many new materials cannot be used is that people in the automotive industry are not involved in the opinions, and no designers have joined the project.

Of course, in the process of car lightweighting, the material also occupies a significant role. A 16-meter aluminum alloy low-profile trailer produced by a domestic automobile modification plant is all aluminum. At that time, their first single business was exactly where the user came directly from. . Users asked manufacturers can not produce aluminum alloy trailer? Manufacturers say that the production of such a car is too expensive, probably sold to 200,000 yuan. The user said that 200,000 yuan is cheaper because it has lost 3.4 to 4.2 tons, and a weight reduction of 4 tons means that it can earn 400,000 yuan more. And after the car is scrapped, it can be recycled, and it's still quite cost-effective. Although the materials used were relatively expensive, the purchase cost of consumers was increased, the weight loss of the trailer was 4 tons, the transportation cost was reduced, and finally, the consumers were allowed to earn more money.

The “lightweight” of automobiles is a manifestation of the technical strength of the vehicle. Domestic heavy truck companies should pay more attention to upgrading their own independent innovation capabilities and improving their sustainable management capabilities while introducing technology.

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