Liaoning Heinuo new dry powder mortar mixing station available

Recently, the company's new generation of FZL series dry-mixed mortar mixing plant was on the market, and the FZL series dry-mixed mortar mixing plant was developed following the trend of energy-saving and environmental protection in the market, and it is at the leading level in the industry.

FZL series dry mixing mortar mixing station

The new FZL series dry-mixed mortar mixing station has been marketed and favored by customers with its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Stairs and ladder-like multiple process layouts make the mixing station more flexible and concise; the use of internationally advanced high The energy-saving and three-pass drying system improves the drying efficiency in an all-round way; high reliability, simple and convenient maintenance and other characteristics have become the strong advantages of the FZL series dry-mix mortar mixing station in impacting market share.

FZL series dry mortar mixing plant technical parameters

FZL series dry mortar mixing station highlights advantages:
1) Exclusively equipped with a 530 vertical sand silo, 3 200 powder silos and 2 80 silos, fully meeting the normal production requirements of the entire production line:
2) Adopting a high-energy-saving, three-pass drying system jointly developed with Tohoku University, a dedicated drying equipment designed specifically for wet characteristics, with high drying efficiency, low energy consumption per unit volume, and energy saving and environmental protection;
3) The exclusive use of stainless steel seam screens, screening system, high life, reduce the frequency of replacement screens, increase the output of mortar to meet market demand, create more value for the user;
4) Advanced production line configuration, comprehensive calculation and analysis reach the domestic leading level.

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