Volkswagen Suzuki troubles who "divorce" hurts

In the past week, combined with just over a year of newcomers and Suzuki’s troubles, the two leaders, Wen Deen and Suzuki Xiu, have moved out of the air and have spoken in vain.

There are two reasons behind the clamor between the public and Suzuki. One is that the public wants to enter Suzuki’s business as a major shareholder holding 20% ​​of the shares, but Suzuki’s family and current management resist, and the other is that Suzuki does not consult public opinions. The small diesel engine produced by Fiat Hungaria was purchased, and Fiat was a direct competitor of the public.

The second reason is obviously fuses, but these are not real reasons, but are merely checks and balances. The deeper reason is that the general public, as a major shareholder, hopes to have a unified layout of its companies (they use Suzuki as a company but Suzuki opposes this). It is hoped that Suzuki will plunge deeper in the Indian market and hopes Suzuki will plow in the small car market, and Complementarity with the public and other synergies, but Suzuki acted independently and would not be subject to public command.

The contradiction between the public and Suzuki is difficult to reconcile for a time. If the general public cannot satisfy themselves as only a shareholder, then the cracks on both sides will only grow bigger and larger, divorce will be inevitable, and it will not be a good thing for both companies.

It can be said that this is the biggest setback the public has encountered during the expansion process. Although it is still too early to say that it is a failure, Wendun is very clear that Suzuki is not a good bone.

In fact, more than a year ago, the marriage between the public and Suzuki had painted beautiful prospects for everyone. For example, in the Chinese market, small displacements below 1.4 were handed over to Suzuki. Changan Suzuki and Changhe Suzuki were very fortunate at the time. One enemy is missing, and some of the latest technologies developed by the public may be obtained. The happiest thing is Chang'an. The sole joint venture partner of Suzuki in China will quietly arrive in the spring as long as it sticks to this market.

Today, all this is full of uncertainty. Volkswagen has also been ready for two hands, one carrot and one big stick. Global Strategy Mini Vehicle UP! It has already started in Frankfurt. Pricing of less than 10,000 Euros Although Suzuki could not be threatened in the Indian market, Suzuki has no advantage in balancing the public in the Chinese market. It is inevitable that short-sleeved links will be reached, and Suzuki's advantages will disappear, and it may retreat to a more stable Indian market. The potential damage to Chang'an is difficult to measure.

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