All-round perspective, walk into the JohnstonSweepers high-end sweeper

There are many types of sanitation vehicles, in addition to the sprinklers and garbage trucks we often see, there are sweepers and so on. The sweeper is one of the sweeper products. This issue will show you a Johnswour sweeper.

Johnston Sweepers is a manufacturer with more than 75 years of road sweeper history and has become one of the world's leading brands of cleaners. Johnston
Sweepers' road cleaning and cleaning equipment is used in a wide range of applications, with thorough cleaning, simple design and excellent performance.

This is a small, compact sweeper with a versatile view of the driver's cab and greatly improved driver productivity.

Thanks to the good line-of-sight effect, the sanitation worker can see the operation of the nozzle box in the cab, which ensures that the brush of the sweeper works properly.

The operating panel is very clear and the driver can complete the cleaning of the floor in the cab, which improves the driver's comfort during driving.

At the same time, since the sweeping car needs to travel through the streets, the turning distance of the vehicle is very high. When the Johnston sweeper turns, the front and rear tires are 3.76 meters apart and the turn is quite convenient.

The sweeper uses rugged industrial tires and it's easy to climb the stairs.

The adjustable blade nozzle box can re-clean the uncleaned brush and the quality of the road cleaning is greatly improved.

Sweeping brush

The brushes are independently controlled, and the driver can operate different brushes separately, with a spray on top of the brush to reduce dust.

When it is necessary to clean the uneven area, the driver can remove the 3.7-meter vacuum pipe from the sweeper to suck the garbage into the car.

If it is to clean a tall building, the driver can operate the high pressure water pipe and flush the building with water.

There is a front monitoring system in the cab to prevent accidents during reversing and to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

A 1.8 cubic meter high volume vehicle can carry more trash.

In addition, this sweeper has the advantages of low noise and energy saving.

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