Development Status of Sweepers at Home and Abroad

Foreign development status

In countries with relatively advanced industries, at the end of the 19th century, some people started to study road sweepers. By the 1920s, large-scale and medium-sized sweepers had already appeared on the market. In recent years, with the improvement of scientific and technological water products, foreign manufacturers have continuously improved the product performance, researched and adopted various advanced technologies and excellent supporting components to create a variety of types of sweeps with reasonable overall layout and excellent risks. car. Since the British invented the first horse-drawn sweeper in 1894, the development history of the sweeper has exceeded 100 years. Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries have started mass production of sweeping cars since the 1930s. At present, foreign advanced sweepers are constantly improving, and even there is an intelligent level of integration of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Taking a sweeper produced by a company in the United States as an example, its functional action design includes various problems encountered in sweeping operations, such as hydraulic dumping of the dustbin, expansion and contraction of the brush, rotation, lifting, obstacle avoidance, memory, warning, and self-protection. And testing. The use of computer, hydraulic pressure, sensing, information processing, automatic control and interface technology to achieve the integration of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic intelligent control purposes. The sweeper uses sensors such as temperature, level, inclination, speed, weight, level, obstacle avoidance, pressure, and power. The sensor collects various information required for the control of the sweeper. This information is sent to the central control computer for processing, storage, transformation, processing, etc. The control system issues various commands and the implementing agency implements the functions as required.

Domestic Development Status

The development of an advanced technology and equipment will inevitably undergo a gradual improvement process. In order to have advanced technology and equipment to meet the needs of the domestic market, many domestic cities began to organize the development of science and technology forces to develop sweepers from the 1960s. Although at present, China has developed and produced sweeping vehicles for more than 50 years. However, compared with foreign developed countries, there are certain gaps in the technical level, operational performance, and cleaning effectiveness of our sweepers. At present, there are more than 30 companies that produce sweepers in China. In terms of production, sales volume and technical strength, Zoomlion Zhongbiao Business Unit (formerly Changsha Zhongbiao Industrial Co., Ltd.), Yantai Haide Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Fujian Longma Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers are in the leading position in the industry. The technology of domestic sweepers comes mainly from three aspects. The first is to use the advanced technology of similar foreign products for reference, combined with China's existing technical capabilities and China's national conditions, and develop its own products. The second is the direct introduction of foreign technology products. The third is the transfer of technology from the national research institutes and the improvement of products in production. In general, China currently does not have a dedicated road sweeper technology research and development center, and there is no special independent research and development of intellectual property rights. The amount of funds invested in R&D is relatively small. As a result, China's sweeper products are relatively low in overall technological level. Especially in the control system, cleaning efficiency and professional cleaning, etc., there is a considerable gap with foreign products. Domestic companies have realized that with the continuous entry of foreign-funded enterprises into the domestic market, competition will become increasingly fierce and the technical level of products will become a top priority. Most domestic companies are actively introducing advanced technologies at home and abroad to cooperate with foreign companies to improve their own products with higher technological content. Based on advanced foreign technologies, the company developed a new type of road sweeper to form a multi-functional and serialized product, and further improve the product's cleaning efficiency.

At present, leading companies are accelerating the pace of new product development, complete the transformation of the original product as soon as possible, improve product spectrum, achieve product manufacturing switching and market switching, increase market share, and enhance market image. At the same time, it will increase investment and implement technological transformation projects to form the core capabilities of manufacturing to achieve the improvement of product quality and the enhancement of manufacturing capabilities. As China continues to accelerate the process of modernization, the continuous development of comprehensive economic strength and the increase in the cost of labor, the development of sweepers is increasingly perfect. The use of sweeper trucks has become a trend in pavement and site cleaning.

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